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eBay's crooked policy but Small Claims Court? - Page 2

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eBay's crooked policy but Small Claims Court?

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  • bazzybbazzyb Forumite
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    The buyer/ME! (dadaoriley)
    Something here clearly doesn't add up and it would be far easier if you just gave all the details from the start rather than drip-feeding information.

    The poll is stupid and pointless so who cares what option people pick.

    Thank you for posting your eBay username, I've blocked you from bidding on any of my items as you sound like a bit of a nightmare to be honest.
  • RFWRFW Forumite
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    The buyer/ME! (dadaoriley)
    merseymale wrote: »

    Yep I only lost a small amount (well not really by my standards I get by on DLA) but my point is it COULD've been a LOT more and I'm concerned that others may fall into this trap!
    Yet you were considering spending more money on going to court. If you are that hard up it wouldn't even cross your mind.
  • Jeffuk! Sorry to sound dim (new to this) but what is a BB list, please?
  • Soolin(I miss Blake's7!)

    Yep as I say I did all the correct things & the Royal Mail said they HAD attempted delivery and retuned to sender so that the seller has my item.

    Perhaps it's too much asking people to read the 2pages on ebay's community page so I'll have a go at cut'n'pasting it here on here.
    (I just didn't want to clog this 'board up with something that is freely available to read online anyway but perhaps that was a mistake)
  • BazzyB I'm sorry tou think I'm a bit of a nightmare but I only wanted to make a site that I trusted & used a lot a safer place is all -HONEST!
  • RFW! I'm sorry but I must take exception to what you say! I am asking this forum if it was the right thing to do to go to Small Claims!

    Obviously IF you are saying that win or lose it would cost me more because I would have to pay more if I won then thank you I have learned something new.

    I thought that the point of a small claims court was that one would be BETTER off (or at least break-even!) if one won. Seems not.

    We use eBay A LOT for items for the music project we have in our district & in the case in point, for the odd Christmas gift, etc & when eBay say that it now has a policy that -call me cynical- can so obviously be exploited I just foresee a REAL problem for a lot of people in future :-/
  • theonlywayisuptheonlywayisup Forumite
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    The buyer/ME! (dadaoriley)
    What is the tracking number of the 'returned' item?
  • soolinsoolin Forumite, Board Guide
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    OP can you answer the points I raised in post 11..

    OT- Blakes's 7 must qualify as one of the shows with the most surprising ending!
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  • What is the tracking number of the 'returned' item?

    Thank you for asking but as I say I never got any collection card or anything from Royal Mail. When I contacted eBay as to why they had found against me they said that Royal Mail had confirmed that the item had been sent and then returned. I never got to know the tracking number but the seller agreed he had the item anyway so I guess it's a bit of a moot point? But thanks, though.

    I have tried to Cut'n'Paste the original post on eBay but can't. The time line is this:

    I buy item as a small Christmas gift on eBay
    I wait too long for item
    Over course of 2weeks I send polite texts to seller asking for item & told to wait eventually am told that item had been retuned
    I ask for item anyway am told I have to pay postage AGAIN
    I explain that it was for Christmas anyway so can I just have a refund
    I'm told I can only have refund of item not postage!
    I gree but am not refunded. I get fed up with the palaver & contact eBay but seller doesn't reply. After awhile I escalate the case cos, well, what else?
    Seller gets in touch & says he will refund only AFTER I cancel case with eBay & say I am happy but eBay advise against this so I tell seller that I will reassure eBay once he has refuneded bid price(I gave up on P&P long ago!) he doesn't so I tell eBay; they investigate & find for the seller.
    I ask why (& this is the bit I am posting here about & enquiring about Small Claims cos, well, who CAN I use to alert eBay to take a long hard look at their policies?) & eBay says that as long as a seller makes an effort to post an item then that's good enough for them.

    They go on to say that the seller can keep the item; keep my money & sell the item on eBay again and I just feel that is opening a whole can of worms!

    I have written about this more than I ever thought I would & this & eBay are the 1st times I've ever complained like this but honestly it's not the mone it's -as I see it- such an obvious in built flaw that it will surely undermine the 'site. Especially for overseas bidding.

    I'm honestly not a trouble causer (although I suspect I might be a bit of a pedant!!) but I added a poll to see if I had a chance at pursuing this and it HAS proved useful as I certainly shouldn't be pursuing this case (100% against me so far!) as a losing it would certainly cement this eBay policy that I, for one, see as unfair for EVERYONE.
  • Soolin,

    It certainly ended surprisingly but not as surprisingly as Pat Mc.Goohan's The Prisoner! ;-p

    If by post 11 you mean yours then I think I just have with my last post to another but if you mean RFW's then I honestly assumed that if one won in Small Claims then you would not be worse off. Which is why there are forums such as this; to educate.
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