Round & round in BT/SKY circles, Help??


Is there anybody who might have some advice on how to help me?

Last week, on finding out my current BT broadband contract had ended, I telephoned them to ask about another one. The response wasn't good. They could only offer me the standard tariff of £18.50 plus line rental. So I talked to SKY.

They offered me standard line rental plus free unlimited broadband for 12 months. Great, I thought, so I signed up.

Thats where my trouble started, two days later I received a call from SKY to say the couldn't change my phone line because my telephone number was registered to a different postcode (in the same town). Somewhere I have never even lived or had any connection with!

SKY said I should clarify this with BT and cancelled my order until I could resolve this issue.

I duly called BT who went through everything on their systems & said my line was registered to my current address and all details were correct. They said it was up to SKY to sort it out with Openreach.

I relayed this to SKY, who said it isn't their problem and referred me back to BT.

Eventually, BT offered me a deal to stay with them I am happy with for now. But in the future, if I want to change, this will become an issue again.

I feel that i've become trapped in the huge organisation that is BT/BT openreach. Is there anybody who could offer any help or advice?

Thank you so much for reading this.
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