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A newly opened Yoga places is offering a limited number of yearly memberships if they are prepaid in full. I been there lots the lost month, really like the place it is convinient and the deal is great.

Now the snagg, it must be prepaid in full, now I am being clever so paying it on my credit card for extra protection. I know I am going to use it so it pays of to get it BUT playing devils advocate what are my consumer rights for a refund if I have an accident in lets say 6 month time and can't use it, or get evicted (not planning to but landlords are sometimes crazy) and move too far away.

Could not find aything covering this in their T&C's and the girl on reception seemed very new so she couldn't answer.

So ignoring them and from a purely consumer rights perspective what are my rights to a refund if I have to cancel due to moving or for medical reasons?

Thanks in advance


  • I think you would have to check the contract, but with many once the money has been paid then it's pretty much it
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    I'd suggest you contact their Head Office. I am with F.F and I know they have certain conditions where they let you out of the contract. But if you pay up front a year ahead like I've done then usually you get a lower rate than the equivalent direct debit monthly charge x 12 and once it's paid it's done and that's a risk you take for the good deal.
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    quite a few place hold membership while injured. Then start paying when you start going again.

    Other than that. I guess your pretty stuck with it as year in advance membership gives you a discounted rate.
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