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My partner runsZumba classes (4 classes a week) and I was wondering about the record keepingside of things. The classes take placeis venues hired by the hour (church halls etc) and there is usually someone inbefore the class starts. This means that I only have a few minutes to set upthe PA, plug in cooling fans and my partner has to change into exercise attirein the toilet. People for the class, anything from 7or 8 to about 15 or even 20people all come within a few minutes so the only practical way of collectingmoney is to ask one of our class members to stand by a table, take payments andany new people are given a health questionaire to fill in. At the end theymostly have to scurry off home as a lot of them have baby sitters and also toget home to change and possibly have a shower/bath. So my partner would takethe money at the end of the session and count it at the house and enter it onthe Cash Ledger. Obviously this ledger has the details of the class and thedate. So this arrangement is similar to something like a busy market trader whohas a "money belt" and simply counts the total at the end of the day.The Inland Revenue seem to be happy at this arrangement. I was wondering ifthis would be satisfactory or should further measures be taken.


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    i don't see that there should be a problem with that.
    as long as she keeps an accurate record of earnings and expenses.

    just a thought ....
    why can't she arrive for the class already wearing her exercise kit?
    then she could take the money and make an accurate record herself rather than relying on someone that is 'purchasing' her service to do it?
    i know i wouldn't want to go to a restaurannt and have to collect my own meal from the kitchen!
    seems more than a bit unprofessional
  • Uzoma
    Ok fair point, however bear in mind the cold weather now and would you want to be standing outside in exercise gear! Also she has to do things like set up the radio mike, that has to be tied on along with head gear and quickly establish a playlist on the computer depending on who comes. It is a trusted long term student who actually does a great "PR" job greeting people and giving them info etc leaving my partner to get the sound correct, music all cued up and mike not feeding back. Thanks for your contribution though
  • Uzoma
    Oh and by the way the student in question gets a free class... she is broke but is fantastic at PR and has a lovely personality.
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    Changing into her gear before hand and throwing a big coat on over could save her precious minutes if time is an issue....Anyway....A friend of mine runs a Zumba class, she has joining forms completed for all members and has them sign in every session with a column for them to input how much they pay each session.... she has meticulous record keeping and never had any issues in the 6 years with taxes or WTC.
  • Uzoma
    Thanks... it depends on circumstances. For some Zumba classes you tend to get a fairly regular cliente for which a register with columns for figures can be created. But for other classes you tend to get a far greater "floating" population, people roving around lots of classes within an area and creating registers in these circumstances would be virtually impossible. Besides these people tend to be reluctant to fill in registers, they just want to bod along to an odd class and have a go without having to register their details.
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