Aqueous cream vs Liz Earle cleanse and polish for eczema

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I suffer from eczema and my skin is really sore at the moment. I have been using Liz Earle cleanse and polish for the past month or so and have received lots of compliments on my skin, however I am finding the cloths a bit of a faff, though using the cleanser in itself is easy, it doesn't remove my eye make up thoroughly though.

Anyway someone at work today told me she uses aqueous cream for just about everything, she removes her make up with it and her skin looks lovely. I am tempted to use this myself but have seen bad reports about it on the Internet. It sounds so useful and cheap also.

This lady at work also said she uses Bare Minerals on her skin which again looks lovely but when I have tried a sample it makes my face look powdery.

Any advice please? Would I be better just sticking with Liz Earle?


  • I was advised by a beautician to use aqueous cream, its works for me.
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    You can buy 500g Aquaeous cream from Lloyds chemist for £1.68 ATM normally £2.25 so worth a try, but my opinion FWIW is that in order to properly cleanse skin of make up or any product containing an SPF it would be better to use wet muslin cloths/flannel/micro cloths, these can be got really cheaply from supermarkets/ any shops which sell towels etc. Cotton wool could work too, but too wasteful and not good for the planet for me personally:(, but I do take eye make up off with cotton pad and eye make up remover.
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  • I had Eczema on my hands, and washing with aqueous cream has cleared it up completely. The advice on aqueous cream nowadays has changed, and it's recommended only for washing, not for using as a moisturiser.
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  • Check out the National Eczma society for Aqueous Cream and the full drug saftey update for Aqueous cream. It is not recommend due to the cream containing SLS which is an irriatant and not recommend for Eczema . I have Eczema and have found Coconut oil is great for removing make up and cleansing and then toning with pure rose water. Great moisturiser as well. I also use Diprobase it is a great moisturiser ,also recommended by my Eczma consultant
    and very cheap to buy.
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    I too have eczema, and have been advised not to use aqueous cream at all. Since I stopped using it, have found my skin to be so much better. (I was using it for washing). Diprobase or DoubleBase are good for me.

    I can't use Liz Earle, am clearly allergic to something in it. Actually am allergic to so many, it's ridiculous. I have found one which doesn't sting my skin - Gale Hayman Eye Make Up and Facial Cleanser.
    You can get it quite cheaply from Direct Cosmetics.

    As the aqueous cream obviously works for some with eczema, you could always buy a little tub and try it out to see. It's just not for me.
  • Vichy Dermablend (foundation) will work nicely.
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