Massive life change - am I entitled to anything?

Totally clueless, can anyone advise?!

I live in wales, My partner is about to start a new job in England in the new year which sees him away mon-fri. He will come back at weekends to see me & the children. He will stay in hotels, maybe sort some kind of long term accom, all a bit unplanned right now. He will earn £30k a year.

A few months ago I started a full time job on £23k, now the 3 month period is up they've asked me to go part time with a pay cut so I now work 2 days a week (17 hours) for 8k.

My children are three and one.

Am I entitled to anything? I'm stressed that technically I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere without much money of my own. Husband pays the rent... I'm unable to drive so taxis everywhere as no buses where I live. There's a relative who's willing to look after my children 2 days a week but no more than that so I don't even know how I'd manage working any more?!


  • 19lottie82
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    With a household income of £38k, you will get child benefit. Are you claiming this already?

    Your husband should be supporting you from his salary. Just "paying the rent" ,as not be enough if you're struggling. I take it his employer is paying his hotel bills, so where is the rest of his salary going?
    He has 2 kids to support.

    If you don't have a FT job where you areat the moment, surely the most obvious solution would be for you and your children to join your husband when he gets accommodation sorted out?
  • fizz
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    Sorry to be blunt, but you should be sitting down with him and telling him to cough up!
    In the meantime, I think you can claim CB, CTC and WTC.

    Good Luck.

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  • merlin68
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    she cant claim tax credits as income is too high. the cut of for 2 kids is £33k and between them they get £38k. Your hubby needs to cough up more money.
  • MumInWales
    Hi Lottie, I started claiming child benefit this year, just before i found the job I'm at now. He will actually be self employed so needing to put aside a fair amount for tax and budget petrol to come back and forth. He has seen some cheap hotel rooms that should work out cheaper than renting.

    Re why I don't follow him:

    Desperate for my children to go to welsh medium school which obviously they can't get in England. Also I'm sick of upping sticks all the time and following him round the country... There's not much stability in his job,, I'd love to put down roots now we have children. Thank you v much for answering me.
  • MumInWales
    Hi fizz is wtc working tax credit? I'm sorry I. So thick, I don't even know what that is
  • MumInWales
    Hi blondebubbles previous was 60k, then 42k then this one starting January will be 30k. (All before tax) Obviously has been all good back in the day.
  • tomtontom
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    Surely better to live somewhere with a) work and b) transport? There are many more useful languages the children could learn in other schools. Maybe you could teach them Welsh at home?
  • nannytone_2
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    yes its working tax credit and its not an option as your OH alone earns too much. the cut off is around 18k for a couple.
    if you had a registered child minder it might be possible to get help with childcare.
    i understand that you want to stay in Wales but it does make sense to move to a different area within wales where there is semi decent public transport or at least learn to drive
  • 19lottie82
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    MIW - I'm afraid the reality is you and your husband want to run two homes / bases on 1 family's income which looks like it really going to work based on what you've told us.

    Either you will need to go to your husband, your husband will need to return home, or you need a serious income increase.

    I understand you want your children to go to a Welsh school, so surely if your husband is on board with This, it would make more sense for him to look for a job locally to you? Surely a wage of 30k minus funding his living expenses while he works away 5 days a week isn't really that great an income?
    You need to sit down with a calculator and work out if an income of £38k can pay for for 2 households and support 2 adults and 2 kids.
  • bll78
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    MIW, can I check something you say your partner works away and earns £30k and your husband pays the rent. Are you referring to the same person or was you married and now seperated and now with a new partner?
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