MSE News: Government pledges £6 billion to fix roads 'blighted by potholes'

"Local councils in England are to get a near-£6 billion fund to fight potholes over the next six years..."
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Government pledges £6 billion to fix roads 'blighted by potholes'


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  • [Deleted User]
    More election bribes, and just a week after council spending budgets were cut across the UK (well except for some very rich tory safe seats which are getting more council spending)

    I live in an area that will have some 10K extra homes built over the next decade and we have seen Government spending cuts when we should be seeing extra money from central government to support the house building spree.
  • gavrc
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    What about replacing the poorly constructed roads that were build 50 years ago and fall apart in a mist much less a flood. Patching in any context is less efficient than fixing the root of the problem.

  • Butterfly_Brain
    We had to fork out £100 last week for new tyres because of a huge pothole:mad::mad:
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  • ZTD
    ZTD Posts: 24,327 Forumite
    So, let's do the maths - 6 billion into 18 million potholes. That's slightly over £300 each.

    Given a standard council repair of a standard pothole as per - that's clearly excellent value.


    So where's that going to get syphoned off to?
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  • facade
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    My Council are so cash strapped that next year:

    No potholes fixed (before this windfall was announced)
    Bins emptied every other week, in the hope that the rats & foxes will get rid of the rubbish for them.
    £36 a year if you want garden waste removed (mine will go in the landfill bin if it isn't already full....)
    No cutting of grass verges.
    Libraries closed, yoof clubs closed.

    Sack everybody who actually did anything, just leaving the people at the top in post.

    Personally, I can drive round a few potholes, but I'd rather not have rats living in mounds of rubbish.
    I want to go back to The Olden Days, when every single thing that I can think of was better.....

    (except air quality and Medical Science ;))
  • gilbert_and_sullivan
    Excellent, borrow some more money and throw it at something that the public might vote for, GDP raised therefore the economy is growing, all hail the saviour Osborne..

    National Debt.............................................................................unpayable.
  • Doc_N
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    Great stuff from the Tories - take away around £25bn from local authorities so they can't provide even the most basic services.

    Then hand back £6bn and try to make it look as if it's new money. Announce it a few times to make it look even better.

    The NHS is falling to bits, just like the roads, and today's figures show that the economy's not doing as well as they thought it was - Conservative-led government for you!
  • vekma
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    should all refuse to pay ved until all roads repaired.
  • patanne
    patanne Posts: 1,286 Forumite
    didn't they do this last year - holes filled like this last a very short time before they need doing again. Round here the only roads that get truly sorted are ones that have councillors living on them. I'm now spending more time watching where the holes are when I'm driving than watching for pedestrians and road traffic. I've been driving 50 years now & I don't remember it being this bad everywhere.
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