MY Xmas 2014 project

Hi all thought I would share this with you. My daughter (16) recently got her first job and has earned herself a lot of money ( £600 in bank and paid for a holiday and passport well done her!) but we were concerned that she would go mad on presents at xmas so we decided that we would invoke a rule this year.

We decided that as a family we would only be allowed to spend £20 per person on a gift - there really is nothing we need - there is plenty we want but not stuff we need

I have to tell you the run up to this xmas has been awesome! So much secrecy, lots of googling and searching - you have no idea how much work it takes to find a great gift for that price!

But you know it has kinda brought back the spirit of xmas for us - it is now not 'easy' and just about buying what people want it takes real thought - and none of us have a clue what we are getting

I'm really excited about what is under the tree for the first year in ages - so I guess I am saying maybe something to think about

for info we are a family of 4, me the hubby and 2 teenage girls 15 and 16 - and it may be a 'budget' xmas but hopefully the presents will be so well thought out and happily received - I will update ater xmas!
Back after a long break!

Looking to get back in the winning way :j

Massive thanks to all who post comps!


  • We have set a budget of £5 between my sisters and husbands (3 sisters + husbands) and it certainly saves lot of stress and costs and when you try you can get some really good things for £5 - we have done this for the last 3-4 years now so am always on the look out throughout the year for a great bargain ready.
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    We also do £5 each for all the adults, it's great fun being creative to put together £5 worth of a pressie and to realise that someone has really thought about you when shopping rather than just spending for the sake of it. Done it for years now.

    And well done to your daughter by the way, she's really doing well!!
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    As a family we do a secret santa for the adults, upped it to £20 this year, it works well for us, as you say we don't really 'need' anything but it is nice to get a well thought out gift.
    Slightly bitter
  • We've done secret santas between us, my parents and my sister, her husband and just this year we're including their 3 children. We have a £20 budget too
  • well I am back and a Merry Xmas to you all

    The result - we are all amazed, we have such well thought out gifts we can't believe it! Nothing flash but everything perfectly tailored to the person receiving it

    Can honestly say this has been the most satisfying xmas for ages - deffo doing this again next year

    I got an old lady trolley ( recently had surgery on my hands and can't hold bags so perfect!) my favourite molton brown bubble bath, my favourite perfume ( found in a less than half price sale) and also my daughter handmade me a huge box of shortbread and put them in my stocking ( trainee chef) they are amazing

    Feels like we all took a step back this year and put the thought back into xmas

    One very happy household I strongly suggest you try this :j
    Back after a long break!

    Looking to get back in the winning way :j

    Massive thanks to all who post comps!
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