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Hi all,

First time poster so please be gentle.

I am confused at my WHOLE rentsmart agreement so i would provide everyone with all the details so sorry if its long, but there is an amusing story at the end that completely f**ked PCW for a month so please read through and bearwith.

I went into my local PCW to buy an iMac on a standard finance agreement with a decent deposit. When I spoke to the sale man he said "no,no,no what you want is the rentsmart" I liked it and these are the main points and why i proceeded with the agreement.
>No fees when it breaks or is damaged (i am almost pc illiterate so repairs are a no no for me)
>Annual clean (history :D) and service free
>100%tax deductable (I'm employed PAYE so not relevant to me.
And the sweetener for me was tho;
>should at the end you like the pc then notify them and pay them a final months fee (£90 in my case)

Now today i have gone onto the rentsmart website to find out how to notify them that i will not renew the contract as to be honest I use the pc once a week for a few bits and bobs and to be honest I use my iPad for most things online anyway. I could not find anything on there website so i took to google and nows thats why I'm starting to worry after ALL OF THE HUNDREDS of posts about their company, their plans and their 'con'.

Now, i have my contract and its Does say 24 so I have not had the additional months added as some people have and to be fair it does say that i will have to return the item at the end. Now i knew it said that as when i asked the salesman about this he said (for which i have a witness with me at the time) "don't worry about that, thats specifically referring to the lease plan itself, you can still buy at the end for a nominal fee but as thats a PURCHASE and not a LEASE that would be on a lease agreement" Makes sense right? i thought so. So i asked how much is it at the end. he said he didn't know but got the manager to come over. he said "its one month from when you notify them" So, that means £90. I was happy with that and proceeded with the agreement.

So, like i said i now discover the plan is not really right for me as i do not receive the full benefit, but it looks as if i cannot purchase does anyone have any advice on this issue? Where do i stand? As a side note, i have since discovered that a rentsmart agreement is for companies and is great as they are 100% deductible but this is something i am not eligible for so surely i have been miss old this product as i would never receive the main benefit as I'm PAYE employed??!!

Also as another side anecdote, because i saved my deposit on i went in a few days later to buy something and looked for the same salesman to hash out another great deal. it turns out he was fired for lying to customers and, wait for it, to make sales he was giving away MASSIVE discounts to make sale. EG £1000 off one TV. So much in fact that he blew through the entire Reading stores monthly discount quota, i think £20,000 in a WEEK:rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:. Suffice to say surely thats another reason how i have been miss old as the individual shows he should never have been allowed to offer financial packages to customers as he is shown to be untrustworthy? just a thought.

Any advice would be great as i will call rentsmart shortly.

Kindest regards

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