MSE News: Don't hit the slopes without the right cover, warns ABTA

"Almost a third of the £1m skiers and snowboarders expected to hit the slopes abroad will do so without the right cover ..."
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Don't hit the slopes without the right cover, warns ABTA


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    A major thing to beware of is if you EVER go off-piste, you may not be covered. Most insurance policies claim to cover off-piste, but the fine print states that you must be accompanied by an instructor or registered off-piste guide. These policies can be worse than useless for everyone that does not stay steadfastly on the piste.

    Only a handful of policies are worth taking if you venture off piste: Ski Club of Great Britain, TAG, Snowcard, ERV, Insure and Go, British Mountaineering Council and Dogtag all have good off-piste cover. This list is not exhaustive - there are others, but do read the policy fine-print carefully.

    Remember: off-piste is EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING not inside the piste markers, so playing about in the powder on the side or taking that little short-cut between pistes leaves you completely uncovered if you don't have the right policy.
  • Not to mention checking you have cover for third party claims if you crash into someone and seriously injure them. You can expect to be pursued for the costs and without cover for legal and third party medical this could get really expensive.

    I always get family annual cover that includes up to 30 days winter sports as this works out cheaper for more than one trip.
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