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Hi guys , i hope you are all right !!! :beer:

I don't know where i can write this thread but i choose this section ... Otherwise , i will love you if you will help me.

I end my tenancy the 1st of december as i had got a contract with an estate Agency ( "agency " puff :mad: ) for 6 months . I sent a email to my council asking to close, so cancel , my direct debit with them for the COUNCIL TAX . I received an email saing "Can you confirm your forwarding address " . Why they need my new adress ?

I will explain to you !
Here it is the problem , i'm going to share an house temporary for 2/3 month with one boy a one girl in a two bedroom house next week as they are both my friends. They are not a couple , and she is taking House benefit for low income to pay less Council tax .

My question is , if i declare to my "currently" council that i'm moving in a new house (with another council )( and i will take the room of the boy )the girl will lose her house benifits if she will sleep with him ? There will be an higher price for the council tax if we are three in the house ? I have to sleep on the couch ? xD

My currently council will send a message to my new council if i declare this new adress ?

Thank you very much for your help guys, hoping you will answer to my question ASAP, i don't want to pay council tax for two houses xD . :rotfl:


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    The council require your new address and you should provide them with this. As there are already 2 people in the house you will be moving to, there will be no extra Council Tax to pay.

    The old council may well notify the new council of your move. If you are paying the girl money for your accommodation, it may affect her benefits.
  • We are just friends, i will not pay a shi* to them HAHAHAHAH . Thank you very much for our help , Elysa was a little scared about her house benefit xD
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    Lellos92 wrote: »
    We are just friends, i will not pay a shi* to them HAHAHAHAH . Thank you very much for our help , Elysa was a little scared about her house benefit xD

    Lellos, it's actually an offence not to be on the electoral roll (subject to an £80 fine) - the council are probably just being proactive in helping you avoid that.

    if you are staying at that second address you should be registered there - this will also help with credit in the future (loans, mortgages etc) as lenders get jumpy if you are not on the roll
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  • Perfect i will register my self, but have to do it also my friends ? (they have to declare my presence in the house ? )
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    The council require your address as you will be due a refund, and they send them out by cheque in the post if you have left their area.

    Anyone who moves at this time of year will have overpaid their council tax, due to the two "free" months.
  • Oh perfect, so it is just for a refund . My friends , have to tell to their council that i'm moving in their house ?
  • UP !!! Any other advise ?
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