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NOT BUYING IT! 2015 - A consumer holiday

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NOT BUYING IT! 2015 - A consumer holiday

edited 16 December 2014 at 6:22PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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SlowdownSlowdown Forumite
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edited 16 December 2014 at 6:22PM in Old Style MoneySaving
I have a declaration to make.
And now I'm hyperventilating. I have finally laid my cards on the table. And I mean for the whole of 2015!

Calm, calm.

I am a confused woman. On the one hand I rally against rampant capitalism. I hate the cabals and monopolies, I despair at the tricks and underhand approaches used by companies to make us buy. I fling my hands up in despair at the waste and destruction of our planet and yet....I buy it! I shop, I waste, I yearn and save and spend in a cycle that traps me in all the ways I hate, and worst of all, I am not true to my own feelings.

Well, IT STOPS in 2015.

I openly declared my intentions to my DH last night.
"It must stop," I sputtered, "I m not doing this buying nonsense anymore," I exclaimed, "I'm purchasing the necessaries and nothing more. Your presents will be second hand, clothes will be second hand, no haircuts, no new shoes, no kitchen gadgets, no anything I don't need. I'M NOT BUYING IT!"
This last bit was literally spat out in loud gasps.

He looked at me and smiled. "That's good," he said. "I'm joining the Green Party!"

And so preparation begins. The money spending stops as of Jan 1st. Only what we need will be spent. OS money saving will be top of my list. I will be drawing on the power of the penny punchers on this thread on a daily basis.

I have one month to prepare myself and the family. I need to think about the rules, what is and is not allowed. I need to build in flexibility so I don't shoot myself in the foot. I need to get my head around the whole idea. And I need help. From you good folks.

And on that note I'm off for a shower, where I shall ponder on the gravity of my words.

Kind regards
Slowdown :)
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  • CaterinaCaterina Forumite
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    Good morning Slowdown,

    Well done on your wise decision, I have been there, exactly where you are now, exhausted with being surrounded by a culture of spend spend spend, use-and-throw-away, inane consumption.

    I am still not completely rid of that crazy pull, I still occasionally fall into the consumer trap, but it is happening less and less.

    I suggest you join the Grocery Challenge, it is a great way of focusing on what you spend on a day to day basis on staples. I have been surprised at how much less I need when I decide not to spend, how much easier it is to pass on the impulse of just popping in to the shops just because I can, very liberating.

    Have also a look at the Debt Free Wannabe threads, some very interesting diaries and challenges there.

    Good luck with your journey, I shall look forward to reading about your progress.
    Finally I'm an OAP and can travel free (in London at least!).
  • parsnipheadparsniphead Forumite
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    A fantastic idea slowdown. I may join you if that's ok.
    This year was the year to get rid of debt and finally simplify my life. I failed. Next year I'm going to kill all the debt totally plus we want to start getting rid of the mortgage. Also the clutter:eek:. It has to go. No more taking it what others throw out. I have to realise I can't stop others wasting but can stop any waste myself.

    I think it's time for a complete and total declutter. To pare down as much as possible to become organised.

    Thanks for the motivation. Off to sort out this nightmare of a house.
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  • dumplingdumpling Forumite
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    This has struck so many bells for me my head is clanging. My debts have crept up and up this year despite me saying back in January that I was going to really tackle them. I will be very interested in how you are planning to do this, I have some concerns that I will be too strict and then fail so any tips or hints to get a reasonable balance would be great.

    Plus points for me is that I am a very good internet shopper in that I find the cheapest price for what I want and then always look for codes for money off. All my friends ask me to find them a bargain :).
    Minus points are that I'm a very good internet shopper :rotfl:. I need to find something that will replace my addiction to getting a bargain. I also have a mental illness which causes me to have 'highs' which lead to spending lots of money.

    If I can keep on top of my condition with taking my meds properly I think I will be a lot better financially as well as mentally. I've avoided spending money this weekend which is a good start but I will put my thinking cap on and try for a clean slate in January.
  • BobarellaBobarella Forumite
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    A great challenge Slowdown. I have spent since May playing Minsgame which is run by The Minimalists. Check it out on twitter if you get chance. You get rid of one item per day rising to 30 per day by end of the month. It's fun and motivating. Lots of people play and I've met some great new people from all over the world. (Online of course)
    I have spent this year trying to cut down on every unnecessary cost & get us on the best possible deals for all essential spending. I feel like 2015 may just be the year we start making real progress on savings and investing. Plus ridding ourself of the debt once and for all.
    So count me in.
    " Your vibe attracts your tribe":D

    Debt neutral :) 27/03/17 from £40k:eek: in the hole 2012.
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  • fuddlefuddle Users Awaiting Email Confirmation
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    My spending got me into a huge mess, a mess I have spent the last 5 years learning from (and really a better, more equipped person for it) but that has left me thumbing my nose at consumerism.

    I buy what I need, can use and try to buy to invest. Detest our throwaway culture.

    So I'd like to join. I'm not saying I won't purchase, I will, but it will be items saved for, budgetted for, needed or wanted for hobbies and quality of life... and it will be on my terms.
  • Slowdown, this is a great challenge, and one I'm sure many of us can get on board with….just a thought, instead of no haircuts, have you thought of going to a college/academy? I've not paid for a haircut for years now as I go to a training academy and let students cut my hair. They are closely supervised, so you get as good, if not better, cuts as you get in the hairdressers.
    PAYDBX 2016 #55 100% paid! :j Officially bad debt free...don't count my mortgage.
    Now to start's a whole new world!!
  • daz378daz378 Forumite
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    yes i had that eureka moment a couple of years ago .....and so identify with it .....i had borrowed 15 k over the last 5..6 years but end up paying nearly 30.....also started getting messed about at work but was so much in debt was a ...wage slave and i vowed never again that time rumours of being privatised......which will happen in april......i owe a few hundred on credit cards .... but so glad i never renewed loans.....any purchase is now saved up for........good luck
  • Thanks for sharing your challenge, Slowdown - and good luck!! It sounds like an exciting new start for you and your family in 2015 (and good to hear that DH is already on board!)

    I’m trying something similar - my goal is to be able to reduce my hours at work. I realised that by giving up unnecessary spending, I could free myself from spending so much of my life doing paid work. (Not that my job is just takes up time which I’d rather be using for other more creative and interesting things.)

    I know I don’t respond very well to rules (even self-imposed ones :o) so for me it's all about achieving a change in philosophy and taking back control of STUFF - changing habits and thinking, finding ways to enjoy different things (e.g. making and doing, rather than spending and accumulating) and keeping the whole process fun.

    This forum will really help you with your challenge - there are some great ideas and it's inspiring to hear people putting them into practice. Look forward to seeing how you get on, and what suggestions everyone comes up with!

    Not buying it! 2015

    :) purely aspirational username - still wading through clutter and striving to cut back on unnecessary stuff...
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    Butterfly_BrainButterfly_Brain Forumite
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    Slowdown I am with you all the way, the only exception will be DS's 21st birthday in May because it won't be fair if he doesn't have the same sort of celebration as DD had.

    Birthday and Christmas presents will be home made or second hand as they have been this year.

    I have my hair cut by my SIL which costs nothing, because DH and DS keep her computer and laptop going.

    I intend to make our own Christmas crackers and presents will be wrapped in brown paper that I have saved from postal deliveries this year with rustic HM gift tags.
    Blessed are the cracked for they are the ones that let in the light
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    Not Buying it 2015!
  • SlowdownSlowdown Forumite
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    Oh my! There is no way in the world I was expecting all you smashers to come out in support.

    Oh joy! Oh rapture! I am not alone!

    I cannot thank you all enough for your comments and interest in my journey. I thought my rantings and hand flingings would consign me to the bottom of the "lost it big time lunatic pile" but nay!

    I am delighted some of you want to jump aboard my ship of NOT BUYING IT madness, henceforth to be known as HMS NoBuy.

    Climb aboard, my jolly ship mates, and keep me company on this voyage. Many of you are old hands who know the ropes and can teach me sail these stormy seas. Hopefully, when I fall overboard, someone will throw me a life belt and help me clamber back onto the decks.

    Sadly, I do not have the time at the present to reply to each of your smashing posts but later tonight I shall give everyone my due consideration, as I feel very honoured to be welcomed by you all.

    I really don't want to give myself rules to follow as I will break them I know, so I am going to compile a list of "guiding lights" to help me see my way. I will give my first guiding light some thought early evening and hope to come up with it by the end of the evening.

    Hooray! I shout as I sign off. I've declared my hand and feel all the better for it.:T
    Kind regards
    Slowdown :)
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