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What to do?

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Last summer, there was an incident with my car. Neither myself or the other driver was present when this took place. But it appeared that my car had rolled into the other car. I did the decent thing, and left my details, asking the owner to contact me.
Insurance details were passed on, with the other owner insisting that insurance companies got involved and with her car having superficial damage. She was driving it the next day!!

A few days later, she rang and told me that she had got an estimate and car booked in etc. Thanked me again for my honesty and told me the whole matter was now concluded.

Subsequently, I received an email from insurance company stating that the claim had been settled with no fault on my part.

At the start of this month, I sold my car and cancelled the insurance as I'm returning to Ireland shortly. However, I have now received a letter from my insurance company asking me for more details about what happened, as the claim apparently has not been settled.

I'm really cross because I thought this was dealt with, but also puzzled about what happens now that I'm returning to Ireland?

Can anyone advise me, as to what the legalities are of this situation.

Many Thanks


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    Cancelling the policy and returning to Ireland affects little - your (ex) insurers will deal with the claim as they see fit- they were covering you at the time of the incident. Give them the information they've asked for and leave them to get on with it.

    If they do end up paying out to the other woman they might change the record of your incident to show a fault claim and reduce your no claims bonus (if you have any). Whether that's likely to have any impact on you if you get car insurance in Ireland is something I don't know.
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