Car Written Off After Being Damaged By Raised Ironworks on New Development

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  • QuentinQuentin Forumite
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    They live on a construction/new build site.
    They admitted to seeing signs warning of raised iron works.
    They hit something and drove back home with low power.

    Their own insurance could say they were driving without due care/attention and either refuse to pay, or pay peanuts.

    You are just scaremongering.

    (If you have comprehensive cover you are covered for self inflicted damage)
  • AretnapAretnap Forumite
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    Their own insurance could say they were driving without due care/attention and either refuse to pay, or pay peanuts.
    No they couldn't. Please don't post rubbish.

    If driving without due care was a reason for refusing a claim then no insurer would ever have to pay out for a fault accident, and there would be no point in having comprehensive insurance. So long as he didn't cause the damage deliberately it's covered, assuming he has comprehensive cover (and, depending on insurer, assuming that he didn't cause further damage by continuing to drive after the accident).
  • TiltTilt Forumite
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    marlot wrote: »
    I think you'll be lucky with any claim against Redrow. I too live on a Redrow development which is finishing off the roads. Knowing that there are raised ironworks around, you have a responsibility to look where you're driving!

    If the road is open then I would of thought the landowner has some responsibility in making sure it is in an adequate condition to drive on. The rules for raised man holes on a public road are that they must have a protective tarmac "crown" around them so that vehicle tyres are protected from the actual iron work if/when coming into contact with it. Plus these things can be difficult to spot in the dark, particularly when it's raining.
    My advice should be used as guidance only. You should always obtain face to face professional advice before taking any action.
  • Maybe the OP could post up the pics, link to them via a Photobucket or other picture hosting site, might get some better advice then.

    Nasty thing an underbody crunch like this, chances are the sump (with internals) then front cross member took the full shocking blow and the surrounding suspension, chassis, engine and gearbox all wrecked.
  • Joe_HornerJoe_Horner Forumite
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    If there was that much damage to the car, are Redrows going to be claiming against him for damage to their nice new manhole cover? :D
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