SANZA Reductions - Short/Expired BB Date - S Africa, Australia NZ Food, Up To 97% Off

SANZA have some reductions on food, but the best before dates are soon, or recently past.

e.g. this one is BB Dec 1st. - 67p

and this one (30p) is BB Nov 14th

Here are some others:

They also have 10% off all chocolate.

South African Specials:

New Zealand Specials:

Australian Specials:

e.g. 24 packs Nerds for £1 (explained by BB 23rd Aug 2014)

When I had a couple of items in my basket, delivery was £2.93, and increased to £6.48 when I added heavier items - it's via Courier.

They have this on their site:

"Best Before Dates

Items displayed in this area are often approaching or past their 'Best Before' dates.

'Best Before' dates (not to be confused with 'Use By' dates found on products such as fresh meat and fish) are simply a manufacturers guideline concerned to a products quality.

Often companies like Bluebird and Smiths stamp their products with short dates for commercial reasons rather than any real reflection of actual food quality.

We find most goods are perfectly good to eat for many months after.

For more information and any legalities clarification visit the Food Standards Agency website."


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    My mate uses these a lot to buy stuff for the rugby player she sponsors as he's Kiwi.
    However she finds it hard to get stuff with any sort of decent date and has to request these specially. She bought some short dated Tim Tams but said they were inedible. Some good bargains though- just wish they would bring back the single bottles of Steinlager :(
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