Pupil makes £14k selling sweets in the playground

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I'm interested to see what people think of this story, he employed two friends and apparently wants to put the money towards his university fees, but the school is threatening to suspend him.

What do people think?
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    Good on him!
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    Next Alan Sugar?
    I love a bargain. Now mortgage and debt free. hurray!!:smileyhea
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    I saw him on Tv the other day, he'd been kicked out of one school already for doing the same thing, hasn't he.
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  • He's Smart, ingenious, thinking about his future, planning ahead, MoneyWise and sensible at saving. All good however, I can see that the school would think he's taking advantage of the children. I also know some schools don't sell sweets themselves (at tuck shop) to prevent poor eating habits. It's a difficult situation.
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    Good for him for having the imagination to do it... However, the school has a strict policy where no energy drinks, isotonic drinks and other naughty food or drinks are allowed. It would serve him well to learn that rules DO need to be followed often in life.
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    My friends boy did the same thing over 30 years ago, even his teachers ended up buying snacks from him.

    He's now a multi millionaire.

    Most entrepreneurs start their first business whilst still at school. Apparently Richard Branson would buy up yesterday's cakes and sell them in the school playground.
  • He could make a lot more than that selling heroin.
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    I saw the interview on Granada, and applaud the boy's entrepreneurial skills.

    He was interviewed along with his parents, and when questioned about the unhealthy sweets and treats he sells, it was stated that the school tuck shop also sells many treats of a similar nature.

    Watch out Richard Branson!
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    He has all the hallmarks of a true entrepreneur and I hope someone takes him under their wing and mentors him! He has already thought outside of the box with this idea and taken the risk of running with it. All he needs to do now is 'obey' the rules by not selling the contraband on the school premises, but to kids on the way to and from school. He has experienced the first major challenge to his business model. If he really has got what it takes, his business won't die here.
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  • I did seen the article yesterday.

    Personally I think it is good for him to get the money to pay for the university. I reckon people in his age would usually use that money for cigs/alcohol or anything wasteful etc. I don't think the school should be punishing him though. Clearly the lad has a bright mind and he has seen an opportunity. Even Dragon's Den Theo Paphitis have seen the news and is encouraging/supporting him.

    However if the school has a healthly eating, in theory he shouldn't be trading on the school grounds, however that won't stop him from doing it outside of school though.:D

    Regarding uni fees. He only has to pay if he earns over £25K a year, which i believe he will be able to do. However on the small-chance that he doesn't, he shouldn't be paying the fees straight away. For one, you don't get interest on it. two, after 30 years it gets written off if he hasn't paid.

    Other than that, good on the lad. :money:
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