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Extreme Couponing Article Discussion

edited 19 October 2015 at 11:30AM in Supermarket Coupons
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edited 19 October 2015 at 11:30AM in Supermarket Coupons

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Extreme Couponing

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  • VfM4meplseVfM4meplse PPR
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    The link doesn't exist.

    But I would be interested to know which supermarkets accept each other'so MOCs / vouchers. Any takers?

    "No man is worth, crawling on the earth"- adapted from Bob Crewe and Bob Gaudio

    Hope is not a strategy :D...A child is for life, not just 18 years....Don't get me started on the NHS, because you won't win...I love chaz-ing!
  • I want to personally recommend a fantastic page for couponing . Its to a page by a lady called Kez .she runs a page called coupon momma .Heres the link ..........
  • I must mention Total Couponery on FB (I'm new, so can't post links) - It's been going for a couple of years, has a fab list of coupons, and covers everything from cashback offers, newspaper coupons and wombling, to freebies and in-store glitches, plus a photo blog of shopping trips.
  • Do Sainsbury's have coupons in their magazine still? In the 80's you could get £25 of coupons and use them to buy anything and the magazine only cost £1. So you could get £100 of food etc for £4. I must have made £4,000 in a few months.
  • hello all, have just started couponing, anyone give me some hints/tips and where to pick up couponing

  • Extreme couponing is possible when there are coupons for freebies, MOCs that make an item free, high value coupons and if you have some store vouchers in your pocket too.

    I got £35.00 of shopping for free with a £4.84 Price Promise back from Tesco...

    Appreciation to all who contribute and have guided me in making my couponing "career" possible since 2009 xx
  • "I got £67.24 worth of shopping for 11p after store offers and coupons. I did use my employee discount but I think this is totally doable just with coupons. I used £39.50 of saved Clubcard coupons, £5 off £40, a price promise coupon and Rustlers, Rice Dream, Genius bread, Penn State, PEK Jungle Dogs and Wall's coupons." - Purple Sarah"

    Isn't it about time that you took this VERY bad example of supposedly 'extreme couponing' off the site as an example?

    For pity's sake she used £39.50 of clubcard coupons on the shop - which is the worst possible way of spending clubcard coupons. On a double up she'd have got £79 for them. If she was at all savvy she could have used on 4x deals to get £158 worth of goods/meals etc.

    It just doesn't make sense to use this as a 'good' example of extreme couponing. It's the worst possible way to use clubcard vouchers.

    Does no-one check the weekly email any more?
  • To quote from Sainsburys Q&A on MSE

    Q. How many coupons can you use in one transaction?
    A. No limit but multiples of the same type of coupon cannot be used in one transaction.

    I have a 12 off 60 and a 4 off 40 that overlap by one day.

    Do these count as "the same type of coupon" or could I stack them? Anyone know??
  • LaSynergieLaSynergie Forumite
    354 posts
    Seventh Anniversary Combo Breaker
    I have had problems in the past with ASDA due to them not wanting to accept coupons beyond a certain percentage of the bill. The till locked up and they had to get a supervisor and it was all very embarassing so it totally put me off. In Sainsbury's I have put 4 of the same type of coupons through at once (along with assorted ones), but if you have too many coupons, then again they start asking questions and getting the supervisor and again it gets embarassing with a long queue building up behind me. I wonder sometimes if its just because it is London?
  • i used the F and F site and got £162 worth of shopping for £9.60 using club card points which you can double and get the equivalent/. I used £80 worth of clubcard vouchers, doubled them and adding postage paid less than £10. is not reallly extreme couponing but felt good!
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