cancelled PreOrder from Argos ????

i pre ordered a game from argos that is released on tuesday 4th November, i checked the order online today only to see that the item i ordered has completely changed description, image etc (still the same game just without the pre order bonuses etc) i rang up to check and they told me that they will cancel the order and i would get the funds back to my paypal within 2 - 5 days and the lady i spoke with was VERY understanding as she also ordered the game for her nephew and was also going to cancel it for same reason as me,

Anyways i get a text about 3 hours later from argos saying my item has now been dispatched and will be delivered by the 3rd of Nov by Royal Mail 1st class delivery....

Confused I rang again... asked them to confirm the order was cancelled, they said yes and the funds would be back to me withing 48 hours usually with paypal, and that the game will definitely not be sent, the person on the phone said its unusual for me to get the text as its showing no order on my account now, and he said that if i recieved the game that it would be unlikely for them to know or not as the items sent are not traced. (which to me seemed as if he was saying if i do receive it then dont let them know!)

My question is,,, if i receive the funds back, and the game actually arrives on the 3rd like my text said, then what do i do? the nearest argos to me is 35 miles away and i dont drive, i am worried they might take the money from my account again.


The game i ordered had lots of bonus things etc, early access and additional items, yet the one showing on my order is now completely different and just bog standard, so i will buy elsewhere now.


  • Honest answer - that is what happens when you buy from a retailer who is not a credible games retailer.

    Sounds harsh, but ultimately look at it from the publisher's perspective. Do you want to send stock to 600 stores where the consumer can't handle it, where the consumer will not have access to staff encouraging addons & where the primary marketing is done through a catalogue. OR do you want to send it to stores where staff can be on hand to sell a season pass, some generic marketing guff and the real kicker, actually use psychology and put it in your hand? There's a reason games shops still exist, they're a publisher's best friend because all that extra guff is profit for both Activision AND the retailer - hence you'll see it all over the joint.

    That's why Activision will send masses more stock to retailers who CAN do all that - even online it's possible, think it's an accident that you'll see controllers & suchlike on websites around these things? Activision will also likely have ensured that retail knows all about the downloadable stuff, what's better than a staffer telling you everything enticing to get you to buy something you don't need. (especially right now when they'll likely be Christmas Temps - looking to score brownie points with an eye on January)

    Next time it might be an idea to get it from a games retailer, not a catalogue retailer - the price might look good, but we all know the saying about where the devil is.
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