Received more expensive Game

Hi bought a game from an online retailer and they sent a more expensive game, which i wouldnt mind having, what are my rights on this issue?


  • Are we talking "minor" difference (couple of quid) or "major" (over £10)? Be warned they can ask you to pay the extra but if it's a minor difference there's a chance they'll likely just eat the mistake, especially since it's probably difficult if not impossible to trace the mistake at this time of year. (Particularly if it's a "common" item - so say a Call of Duty or a FIFA where they'll sell tons, not so much if it's something obscure which they won't sell a ton of it!)
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  • Hi thanks for replying

    the game i ordered was £11.85 the game i got was on offer for £24 normally £29 so it's well over a £10.

    Do distance selling rules apply?

    dont they have to collect it and refund my money first?

    surely it'd make sense to make me an offer
  • Have you checked to make sure the correct funds have gone from your card/account?
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  • yup the £11 was taken already
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    Who is the retailer ?

    Is the game you received like a special edition of the 1 you wanted or a compltely different game ?

    Could you not sell the 1 you received at say cex and rebuy the 1 you originally wanted.
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    An interesting one, a few years ago I would have marked it down as a personal gift and kept it.
    But these days I would error on the side of caution.

    Saying that, if you did call up the company explaining the issue, and they wanted it back. Wouldn't you be within your rights to demand a courier? (no car, sick etc.)

    This would add to the cost of them taking back the product, making it not financially viable for them to do so?

    Just throwing that out there, I can't say I've been in this situation myself.
  • I bought the game from good company) have bought consoles and games from them before (good customer right?)
    I tried to purchase £11 3ds game professor layton for my daughter got £24 ps4 last of us remastered(i have a ps4) not suitable for her 18 rated
    The layton game was a present for her doing well at school,i wanted it for her to play during halfterm. got a package delivered from them and opened it and saw it was the wrong game, i immediately tried looking for another/replacement locally as i had promised her it for half term and wanted it quickly as sending it back and then waiting for processing etc could take the entire week.
    Cheapest i saw was another availiable from shopto outlet on ebay so i bought it, obvouisly saving me the embarrisment from my little girl and not letting her down, when i eventually had time i contacted them and was honest with them, they said send it back, told them i was interested in playing this game as i'm a gamer, didnt offer me a deal or talk to me about coming to an arrangement but i know DSR says i can request a collection but they keep changing CS advisors on me and giving me grief,this is why im digging in my heels as they are doing to me lol i know bit childish, but i was honest with them when i should have kept my mouth shut and kept it, they wouldnt have known and are now being 'off' with me, like i stole from them and keep ignoring half of what i say in the Customer service tickets.
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