late payments

A few days ago I got access to Noddle to review my credit file.
I was shocked to see my score at 2/5.

So posted a thread on here.

Anyway, on further investigation I may have come across the reason why......

I had 3 cc that's I've finally paid off . So wanted to see how my credit file looked

On looking I noticed a few red dots across the years for these cards

The odd Late / Missed payment basically .

Credit card 1
2011 - February
2009 - May & June

Credit card 2
2013 - August & December

Credit card 3
2011 - January & March

British gas
2012 - October

I'm now ok with my finances and have empty CCs.

Other than being within budget and have savings stacking up. I assume there no other way to repair the damage I've done previously??

The reason I ask, I plan to get a Mortgage around 2016 / 2017. And don't want the damage to affect me because of my carelessness.

But 2017 I assume Il will only have credit card 2 and British gas showing as red still?

Can someone confirm that or pass some advice my way please

Thank you
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    I wouldn't put too much faith in the arbitrary score, the late payments will be older and some will have dropped off by the time you come to look for a mortgage. Just make sure you behave impeccably in the mean time.
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  • Ok... Sometimes a mortgage can be easier than applying for an overdraft, but the consequences of failure to repay worse. Having CCJ's are not fans of mortgage companies but having settled CCJ's are a little better. Showing Mortgage companies that you are now responsible and having no recent late payments, keeping any credit card balances low, (sometimes) not withdrawing cash on credit cards, paying full balances and ensuring your on the electoral role and essential. If you can offer a deposit may help and settling old or financial accounts you dont necessary need may also go in your favour. Stay positive, once you own a property, it will no longer seem as wasted monthly payments. Good luck
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