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care for the elderly - "falls" clinic

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My 82 year old mum has just been admitted to hospital for the 5th time since August mainly because she keeps falling . Dr's are playing about with medication in attempt to control BP when she stands up.
The Dr mentioned sending mum for rehabilitation when she is discharged & mentioned Meadowlands ( @Musgrave hospital ) or a similar facility in East Belfast.
Has anyone any experience of this rehabilitation or what they do at a falls clinic ? Is it likely to residential or day patient ? Ill try to speak to Dr later but just trying to get my head around the options. Like anyone suddenly being dropped into the world of hospitals,we're on a very steep learning curve and i want to try to establish the options for my mum.


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    Sorry about your mum,I'm in similar situation. 86 yr old Mum fell downstairs & fractured hip/concussion. 2 weeks in RVH then Meadowlands for rehabilitaion.They are excellent, your mum will have regular physiotherapy, helping walking issues, toileting, and medical needs will be updated if need be. It's just like a regular hospital ward with emphasis on rehabilitation and independance. Unfortinately my mum won't eat/drink and needed further intervention! I agree with your 'not being able to get information', so look at her charts and write down all the details yourself, also ask for an appointment with the doctor in charge! Be persistent! Good luck & best wishes.
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