Petite bridesmaid dresses

Hi all,

My dd is getting married in May 2015 and has 4 bridesmaids. Ideally, she wants them to wear the same dress, maxi length. We are finding it a bit difficult as 2 of the girls are 5' 6" tall, the other two barely scrape 5'.

Does anyone know where we might find dresses that will have a petite length as well as the standard one? We are in Essex but would travel a reasonable distance to buy. We don't want to have to spend fortunes having dresses shortened or risk losing the shape or cut of a dress by having to have them shortened by too much.

All suggestions gratefully received, thank you.


  • If you want traditional bridesmaids gowns, most good bridal wear shops have tailors who can lift dresses without affecting the cut.

    If you want high street, most places do petite ranges - debenhams, house of fraser, M&S, dotty Ps, Next etc. Even New look and lower priced ones do them.
  • I have a similar issue...5 bridesmaids at 5'4 or less then one at 5'9! Knee length look too short on the tall girl but are calf length on the shorter ones. I've accepted I will have to pay to have them adjusted. I'm minimising the impact by buying fairly cheap dresses to start with - I have 5 dresses to buy and they'll almost certainly only wear them once. I'm hoping to keep to under £50 per dress. Ever pretty on amazon have a huge selection and are mainly under £30 per dress.
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