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I had a one year subscription to Livedrive (cloud storage) through a third party seller. I have come to the end of my contract and now they have auto renewed. However, they do not have any of my payment details and I was not aware of this arrangement. They have stated that there are no refunds, but I have not paid them. I have got my data, so I do not need it. Do I have to pay the invoice they have sent me or can I ignore their claims? I have actively used it for two days past the end of my contract. I think these auto renews are very unfair. I have had the situation before with insurance when there was a reminder towards the end of the contract and a cooling off period once it had renewed. This I could tolerate and I could see as potentially helpful. However, there was no reminder, warning or cooling off period.


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    How did you pay originally? They can take payment again against the same method- but only if they advised you at the inception (or reminded you nearer the renewal date) either is acceptable.

    It is a common business model - you have to tell them of any cancellation before the due date. Did you?
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