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trade in

Hi all
My son is stopping using his xbox 360 and has 45 games to trade in where is the best place for the best price all in excellent condition .


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    Get GAME to price check Cex if you have a store local to GAME, depends if you have either close by, if not 1 then try the other.
  • I would list games individually on ebay but take the console to Game. Thats what we did with our 360 and games anyway. We got £60 for the console about three weeks ago.
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  • Hi, not sure about the console, but if you search Game trade in, you can find out exactly how much Game will pay you (or store credit) for your games. You need to enter the numbers below the bar code on the back of the game box.

    You can do the same on line for CEX, but all the games we checked, Game paid out more.

    We have cleared out nearly £200 worth of Xbox, Wii and DS games over the past few weeks. Please make sure if you go to the store, you take a form of photo id if you want cash.
  • Hi all
    We did the rounds today , Granger Games ,cex , game . Then we did Amazon on line .
    but overall cex offered the most in store credit ,when we checked at game they told us to do a list /print out of what cex were going to offer us even though they wrote it down , so after some time we have the list printer with date and time to take back to Game in the morning they will price match and beat each game by a £ so fingers crossed for him .
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