MoneySaving Poll:When do you chuck away best-before foods?



  • Former_MSE_Sam_M
    JeffUK wrote: »
    I used to work for a company that sold veg to supermarkets.

    The best before for most supermarket veggies is based on 'How long will it look perfect for' i.e. if it's garlic with a 20 day shelf-life, you won't be able to tell the difference between a bulb of garlic that's been on the shelf for 1 day, and one that's been there for 20. NOT how long it will be 'good' for.

    Also interesting to not that the best before dates were based on when the veg was put into the packaging (or the trays in some cases)

    So, you'd get things that were pulled out of the same field on the same day, but because they were packed over the course of a week they'd have 7 days different 'shelf life.'

    Really interesting - I wasn't aware of this!
  • PegasusPJ
    Best Before I pretty much ignore (in particular on dry stuff.. I use spices for example that are years after best before date! cans can go several years as well. in fact in france there exist specialised discounter stores that sell after best before stuff).
    Many people don't seem to realise that eggs are in the Best Before and not Use By category.. I remember when the date on them went weeks more, so as long as it doesn't smell, it's ok (I might avoid using raw/undercooked if more than 3 weeks after date though).
    Vegs/Fruit, until they mold/shrivel (and even possibly then), they're fine.

    For Use By dates, well, it depends what it is:

    I find dairy goes easily after (yoghurts are fine for even a week or 2 after. Milk varies, the skimmier the longer it last, skimmed one often good for 2-3 days after date, full rarely good more than a day after... it only goes in the sink once it starts lumping. cheese is completely fair game until things start to grow on it, and even then can cut off those parts).

    For raw meat and fish otoh, I strictly respect the date (in fact fish can go bad before the date).
    The only exception are ham and smoked salmon, for those a handful of days can be ok (I judge on sight/smell).

    I also completely ignore the 'once opened consume within..' and just judge on sight/smell if it's still ok.
    Being single, it's impossible to respect as often even the smallest (and therefore most expensive) sizes are too much for 1 person and I don't like eating the same thing 2 days in a row!
  • beyondhelp?
    Cheese in my opinion is gone off milk so how can it go off? I scrape off the mould (too tight to cut it off) mind you it rarely lasts long enough in our house to get to that.
    I bought a six pint bottle of full fat milk while on holiday in devon (it was reduced as only had a day to go), bought it back half used and it was still fine 11 days later.
    Yoghurt is also gone off milk, so use these until they separate and then I tend to mix them first and taste, before throwing.
    Rice, if cooked and unused, goes in the freezer. Cooked pasta goes in the dog if not being used in a meal the following day.
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