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Hi there,
This is the first time I have posted on here so I really am a newbie in that sense and I really just wanted to post a message for all those people out there who are doing what I have.
I have been reading this forum in particular for the last YEAR!!! knowing me and the other half had a huge debt problem and finally we plucked up the courage to phone the CCCS because I read about someone on here who was told they had to wait 5 weeks for an appointment. We had got tot he stage where 5 weeks wait could have landed us in deeper do-do that we already are.
Anyway, the gods must have been looking out for us because we phoned yesterday and someone had just cancelled. We were offered an appointment for today so obviously almost bit his hand off. Had the appointment and whilst it was horrendously scarey actually knowing what we owe ( approx 32 thousand...with ony 130 quid disposable income!!!am begining to feel quesy again), we are at last doing something about it. Lord knows how we ended up in this state.

Had to say that the CCCS people were fab. Completely non judgemental, really knew their stuff and so not scarey!!

We will now be concentrating on trying to save money any way we can with our basic expenditure to knock some 21 years off the time it would take us to repay at the starting rate on our DMP!! ( really feeling quesy now!! )

So.. if theres anyone reading this that is doing what I did... reading not actioning. Take a deep breath in ( and out again at some point otherwise you will faint).. pick up the phone and call the cccs. You will be so glad that you did.
:EasterBun ...what more do I need to say?!
its all in the name of medical science.


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    Hi Klare
    I have also recently gone with CCCS and i totally agree they have been so helpful and the back up has been a life saver. I have emailed my counsellor on a number of occasions as its easier than trying to get her on the phone as she is busy dealing with other people with debts but i don't have a problem with that as i've never waited more than 2 hours for a reply. Its a big step isnt it? but one in the right direction :o good luck with it :o Its nice to know there is someone to talk to especially if like me you haven't told your family :eek: I probably never will as i don't want to worry my father :cool:
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    Welcome Klare. You have taken the first and hardest step which is taking a deep breath and actually confronting face on the total amount of debt you have, and taking great advice to do something about it.

    And you had already done a fab. thing which was to find this site and start reading the posts which pointed you in the right direction. I have found that there are so many many useful post with info about saving money in large or small amounts (coz those are important too ) Keep visiting and posting because it's a great way to stop that queasy feeling!
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    What is CCCS?
    A banker is a fellow who lends you his umbrella when the sun is shining and wants it back the minute it begins to rain.
  • Iona_Penny
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    Consumer credit counseling service. A charity that helps with debt management.
  • Magentasue
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    What is CCCS?

    There's a link at the top of this board or click here.
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