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The government wants your views on what you would like to see in the Autumn Statement, which takes place on Wed 3 Dec.

You can suggest policy changes in any area. The Treasury has set out guidance when making suggestions, some key ones are below:
  • explain the policy rationale, costs, benefits and how it would be carried out
  • provide clear arguments on how it contributes to the aims of the Autumn Statement
  • consider its likely effectiveness and value for money and any wider implications

Email your views to [EMAIL="autumnstatementrepresentations@hmtreasury.gsi.gov.uk"][email protected][/EMAIL] by Fri 17 Oct and click reply to share your views below.

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    Can we just vote on their proposals ?
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    Pensioners have largely been ignored by the Government in favour of "hard working families" who benefit from the low interest rates that have cut pensioner income.
    It makes sense under current conditions to make a promise that automatic benefits such as Winter Fuel Allowance, the over 75 TV licence and Bus Passes should be retained for at least the end of the next Parliament when things MAY be financially better for pensioners.
  • Let's get the trains sorted out by general electrification/investment in rolling stock/re-privatision if necessary, instead of blowing it all (once again) on a huge white elephpant i.e. HS2 (which apparently doesn't even hook up with HS1: how daft is that?). And might we please ban cash from all on-board bus transactions, so that city centres and their users aren't continually gassed while buses idle at stops for five mins, holding up traffic and fraying tempers? These are simple things which many European countries have had for decades: why does it always take the UK so long to spot the obvious??? Ditto the third runway at Heathrow: it's the only answer if we're to have even a slender hope of catching up on Frankfurt, yet once again there seems to be an ordinate delay in even keeping up with the game, quite apart from getting ahead of it!
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