Website advertised item cheaper directly to me

My purchase has just arrived for something I ordered online a couple days ago, in the parcel is an advert for the exact item I've just bought but at a lower price from the same site.
They must of made a mistake in putting that flyer in with the item but now I can see what it could/should of cost, so I now feel I've been overcharged for it.
That means the site should refund me the price difference, right?? Like a price match; but they're matching themselves lol.


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    Do the company actually price match?

    Depends if that new price only came into affect after your order had been placed - like weekly offers.

    Either try speaking to them direct about it - to see if they will honour the new price, or if you can return and re-order at the new price - long winded but gets the price you want..

    After all if the item had subsequently gone up in price after a deal, would you have been happy to have been charged more?
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    I've done them an email them & asked precisely what you asked. I haven't received an email back yet, I worry they may just ignore it. :(
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    You agreed to pay a certain price and they fulfilled that order. The fact that they are subsequently offering a lower price on the same product doesn't entitle you to any refund or "price match" and they are not obliged to agree to this.

    Having said that, there's no harm in asking as you have done. If they won't honour the new price, your only recourse would be to return the item you bought under distance selling regulations (you will have to pay the return postage cost unless they offer to pay it under their returns policy). If you so wished you could then attempt to buy it again at the lower price.
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    Out of interest what is the price difference?
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    JokoolJokool Forumite
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    Funstock (the site) refunded me the 5 pounds difference :D
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