Moving out soon, need a rough idea?

Hi everyone. New to the forum and wanting a bit of advice on moving out. First a bit of background on me:

I don't really go out much. Maybe Once a month i'd go out somewhere for dinner but otherwise i'd stay at home and cook or buy a takeaway etc (but this would probably come out of my grocery budget).

I'm close to sole provider because my fiancee is still studying at the minute.

For now - I want some insight into some of new tenant based costs. So far these are my estimations for moving out. Does this seem realistic or am I way off?

Based on a 2 person, 2 bedroom flat:
  • Utilities (Electricity, Gas) - 1000 per year
  • Broadband - £32 per month
  • Water - £15 per month
  • Contents Insurance - £30 per month
  • Council Tax (in the area I want to live) - £1000 per year

I'm ok for budgeting the rest of my living costs, but i would like to know if these figures are realistic?

Thanks everyone.


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    Electricity and gas depend a lot on the energy efficiency, but realistic.
    Broadband can be cheaper.
    I think £25 is more realistic for water.
    Can you qualify for the council tax discount as your "fiancee is studying"?

    It always surprises me when people quote the figures for the content insurance. My building+content costs me less then £10 per year (~£85 with £75 cashback).
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    Water is too low, mine is £29 based on the lowest council tax band.
    Estimated contents insurance is far too high in my experience. Mine is £7 a month for good cover.
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    If your fiancee is studying full time then they should be able to get a CT exemption which would allow you to claim the 25% single occupancy discount.
  • I moved in 6 months ago and it took me a while to get into the swing of it but I can only give you my experience on bills, as obviously everyone is slightly different.

    Broadband. I pay around £4.50 a month. That includes virus anti virus security for around 5 laptops. I pay a one off line rental fee of £120 i think (but can't remember off top of my head). You also get a slight discount if you pay earlier. I think I save around 50p:rotfl:

    Gas and Electricity. That was the first thing I got sorted. Switched to the same energy supplier and I have estimated I will pay not like £1000. I'd be surprised if I pay half that even when winter looms, but I could be wrong

    Water. If you're on a meter, maybe that may be possible, but I pay around 30 a month.

    Contents seems very high. I paid £200 for buildings and contents which compared to alot of people (including rest of my family) can still be deemed steep. So I would suggest you definitely do some research as obviously some quotes are unrealistic.

    Have you looked at the Santander 123 for cashback on alot of household bills?
  • We averaged £40 a month with southern electric. Water was a set £25 pm. Broadband was £32. No CT as both students.
  • We are on a water meter and use approx £6 a week. Gas/Electric £100 a month. Phone/BB you can get cheaper. I pay close to that for fibre. £30 for contents? Is it a 6 bed detached full of gadgets? Mine was £14 now less after removing pedal bikes from the cover.
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  • Agreed - contents cover is stupidly high. You can also get Broadband for a lot less. Have you factored in a TV licence?
  • I'm close to sole provider because my fiancee is still studying at the minute.
    Life assurance.

    Permanent health insurance.
  • Thanks for all the replies guys. I probably should have stated a few things.

    For the time being - since my fiancee is still a student, we're living with her parents till she finishes her degree. So the council tax part is pretty much after she graduates - otherwise i'd take advantage of the exemption.

    In regards to many saying the broadband is high - I'm a pretty mad computer person (software engineer) and need pretty good fibre optic. Virgin is my preferred plan, and I probably should have clarified that (sorry!) but i would like some input from those who have went with Virgin and whether the £32 p/month is actually the amount you pay or is it much higher?

    I was really surprised with what content cover was like - feels a bit extortionate. I'm with endsleigh for student cover and it's £15 p/month but that covers pretty much everything i have. I'll have to do more research into it. CompareTheMeerkat mentioned that the average property (in which i want to move into) has £30,000 worth of stuff... I don't even think my stuff is worth £10,000 so i might need to adjust and keep quoting.

    Water - i haven't paid for water before, frankly a lot of people tell me it's cheap which i'm starting to doubt now.

    Also - someone mentioned TV Licence, i know the company would be hounding me down etc - but i don't actually watch any live TV. All the TV i watch is basically Netflix and services like 4oD, iPlayer etc. As far as i'm concerned, I don't need a TV licence.

    Thanks again for your reply guys - would love to hear anyone else's input on this.
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    Probably stating the obvious, but I remember budgeting for my move and then having a it of a shock when I realised I needed to buy things like toilet roll/washing up powder/a screwdriver/kitchen utensils/shampoo and all of the other various bits and bobs that are just 'there' when you live with your parents.

    My first trip to Ikea felt amazing until I got home and realised I didn't have any basic tools!

    Have a wander around the house/garage and make a note of all the extra things you are going to need to buy that probably haven't even gotten on your radar yet :D
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