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Miele Dishwasher Aquastop problems

greatgimpogreatgimpo Forumite
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As in the title, I have a Miele dishwasher with a faulty Aquastop. I need to get this sorted, and to my mind there are four options:

A) Buy an original Miele hose and have it fitted by call-out appliance engineer (£200-£250).

B) Same, but DIY fit (£150-£200).

C) Buy a cheaper equivalent hose from Ebay (£40-ish) and alter the wiring and self fit.

D) Just fit a standard hose.

If I go for option D, is it just a matter of cutting one end off the hose to jubilee clip to the machine? Obviously the wiring will not be connected to anything - OK? There will be continuous mains pressure on the machine whereas the aquastop would have cut the pressure off while washing - is that OK?

Thanks for your attention.
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