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how much did yiour kitcen cost including fitting ?

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how much did your kitchen cost including fitting ? ive been given quotes and want to compare them. What did you get for your money


  • Surely this question is pointless if you're not comparing like for like? I expect some peoples kitchens are massive and cost a fortune, and others are small and cost a couple of grand!
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    We've just done ours and had 5 quotes for pretty much the same kitchen just with different quality doors/fixtures. It was pretty obvious the difference in quality when we looked at examples of the doors and thickness of the oak worktops being offered etc.

    All of our quotes included ripping out, disposal of the old kitchen, fitting of the new, plumbing and electrical work as well as removing wall tiles and plastering those areas to make them good for us to paint. All of the quotes were for a wrapped door kitchen with oak worktops a large ceramic 1 1/2 sink and specific tap that we were going to provide so we knew we were comparing like for like.

    Quotes for the above ranged from £4,200 (B&Q) to £16,100 (local builder) with everything else being in the middle. We went for one of the middle ones with a quality of door and worktop that we likes and a reliable feel...called when they said, didn't ask for a deposit when we had nothing, showed up when they promised etc. and it's all finished and beautiful. The work was scheduled to take 4 days but they came back on day 5 and did 4 extra hours to finish off.

    Def. worth making sure you know what you're getting before hand with a's such an awkward room to replace that you don't want any major catastrophes, unexpected costs or delays!
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