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Is my house falling down?

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superflygalsuperflygal Forumite
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Dear MSErs,

We moved into our 1971 house last year. I have been busy doing the place up. We had a buildings survey done whilst buying in addition to the compulsory mortgage one. All was found to be in order.

I do have a few worries (I also had same worries in our old house!)

1) daughters bedroom floor goes up then down, like a ridge as you walk in. I had carpet up and it all seemed ok though (no movement floorboards looked firm). There was a vertical crack down one corner of her room and the widow is stiff to open/close.

2) Landing floorboards creaky.

3) vertical crack from very large landing window to floor some horizontal cracks too. We have taken down a stair hand rail and stripped woodchip paper off so I did expectsome cracks, especially as the house is 43 years old.


  • superflygalsuperflygal Forumite
    1.1K posts
    Should I worry is the question? Sorry for typos its hard to post on my rubbish smartphone!

    Thank you!

    SFG x
  • Get someone qualified to look at it.

    No one on the internet is going to be able to give you any answer worth used toilet paper.
  • Structural Engineer at about £400 a go!
  • superflygalsuperflygal Forumite
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    Thanks folks, does anyone know of a good structural engineer in the West mids please?
  • wallbashwallbash
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    Thanks folks, does anyone know of a good structural engineer in the West mids please?

    Calm down and have a rethink, sinizterguy has made a reasonable reply, with the info supplied, we are floundering in the dark. A couple of photos would be nice.

    Gordon Hose has flagged up the HUGE cost of a Structural Engineer.
    Now no one knows if you might need one in the future, but that time is not now.

    Give us more info , photo's and maybe get in a recommended builder for on the spot advice.

    quote .......Is my house falling down? very unlikely
  • DoozergirlDoozergirl Forumite
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    Thanks folks, does anyone know of a good structural engineer in the West mids please?


    James Baker, Shire Consulting - based in Bromsgrove. :D

    They're not that expensive, actually, if there isn't a problem that needs rectifying with his help. A visual check they would only charge time for. If there's a problem then clearly it will be more expensive but the cost is inevitable then, regardless of who you ask.

    By all means ask a builder first. Pictures for us would be good ;)
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  • Alias_OmegaAlias_Omega Forumite
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    I live in Dorma-Bungalow. The timber framed walls have cracked due to thermal expansion. The walls are plasterboard, and they have cracks from top to bottom, we decorators caulk and paint..

    Flooring..maybe its the start of an extension, or where the joists sit on a supporting wall and are not the same level. Maybe the floor boards need lifting, joists clearning of crud and re-fixing..
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