cheapest decent place to get glasses reglazed?

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Hiya specsavers want $39 to re-glaze glasses anyone know of somewhere which is cheaper???



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    I have never used them as I bought new glasses instead, but remember ciliary blue as seeming worth a try when I was investigating the same question.
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  • thanks! anyone else?
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    Reglazemyglasses did mine. I have strong prescription varifocals, but they got me a great reglaze.

    I think they are better than Ciliary Blue because Reglazemyglasses uses well known quality lens brands like Essilor (with different prices depending the type of varifocals) whereas Ciliary Blue uses brands you never heard of like WLC and Jai Kudo. It may not matter so much with non-varifocals, but it is definitely worth getting good lenses for varifocals.

    Although they use cheaper lenses, Ciliary Blue are not cheaper than other internet reglazing companies, so you might as well go for one that uses quality lenses.
  • I haven't had reglaze done , but bought over 8 pairs of glasses from the link below. Fantastic service from them.

    DONT FORGET TO GIVE THEM YOUR PD ! Otherwise they will be made wrong. If you don't know it, then get them done in a shop, not off the internet
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    Specsavers charge £39 for reglazing but if your prescription has changed you have to pay for new lenses as well and then don't qualify for offers.

    It worked out cheaper with prescription change to get two new pairs of glasses, I got £2 off each frame (£69 range) and even with antiglare on one pair and other pair as prescription sunglasses got the Pentax lenses for both pairs free.
  • Hey people don't worry I know a place that is excellent. It's online and uk based. They deal with reglazing from £20, repairs and supply reasonably priced glasses. I wanted a designer frame and he managed to source it cheaper too. give the guy a call
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    A few years ago, when I used Specsavers, I wanted my reading glasses prescription put into a good quality frame containing my distance prescription.

    It would have been cheaper to buy a new complete frame/lenses combination, so I asked if I could officially buy the cheap setup, but have the new prescription put into my old frames (as they are done at the premises,anyway).

    They agreed and said the only problem would be if the old frames needed lenses cut to shape not possible from the size of the ones provided for the new frames. The old frames were actually smaller, so there was no problem and I made a saving.
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