Arthritis advice

I ended up in hospital a month or so ago, to cut a long story short, I have arthritis in various areas. I have had to be moved from my regular work to a different area, as deemed by our occ health team. I am coping OK with this. But the aching just doesn't go away. I am tired all of the time.

My hours have been reduced and my days shortened.

I have no idea what on earth I need to claim?? Before this , I caaimed nothing apart from single person council tax 25% discount. I didn't claim working tax or housing benefits.

I haven't done any self employed work for the last month due to the constant aching/tiredness.

I have been paid as usual by my work, and am back working now but reduced hours. 24 over 4 days.

I live alone and am in my early 30s. I have nothing in writing to say arthritis. I have had blood tests done, but as yet haven't had results.
I have been referred to Rheumatology consultant??

My symptoms came on very quickly and worsened to a point last month where I ended up in hospital in agony. I wasn't expecting them to tell me I have arthritis, I always thought it was for older people.

As I am unable to work my full hours, am I able to get any help. I have been told to look at disabled wtc, and pip, but is arthritis deemed a disability?? I am managing at work, just less hours and a slower paced job.

Also if anyone has any advice on lessening the aching that would be lovely. It seems it feels worse when I am cold. Getting warm is a battle in itself. My feet and legs just wont warm up.

Of course I am hoping to be allowed back to work full time, but occ health have said no for now. I am quite shocked about how this happened so fast to me.


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