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Competitions Board Rules Update September 2014

Spending money to win competitions is NOT MoneySaving and not something we encourage.

If you post a competition on this Trial board:
  • Always include the free entry route
  • Never post a pay-to-enter competition that costs more than £2.10

We've updated these rules to include the Trial Post, Phone & Text Board.

Back to the original post..

Welcome to the new forum. The aim is to list all the free competitions that are around, after all if it's free and you win it - then it's good MoneySaving.

Competitions can be found anywhere and everywhere. Online, in shops, magazines on the TV. Providing they're open to everyone (ie not invite only) then do post them here.

So do scan the web and report a contest. Hopefully a MoneySaver will win. If you're entering online contests, then its worth using a separate e-mail address, it'll stop the risk of spam emails. Just set up a Hotmail, Yahoo or MSN address.

1. Competitions must be open to all If you are invited specially to do a competition with a code, and the competition isn't open to all. Please do not post the codes here, that is breaking terms and conditions of a competition runner and could be seen as incitement to breach contract. (something neither I nor the poster want).

2. Free Competitions Only. This is a not a place to advertise competitions you have to pay to enter. I will accept limited cost text message type competitons (though frankly they're usually naff apart from in special circumstances) where they cost up to £1.50 to text to enter, but generally I would say make sure they are free.

MSE UPDATE OCT 2013: Many paid-to-enter competitions now cost more to enter. We've asked Competitions Board users the limit they feel is appropriate in this poll and have increased the maximum cost to £2.10. Please remember we don't encourage forum users to spend money on competitions but if you still feel you absolutely must enter these competitions then that's fine.

3. No Pyramid Selling. Pyramids where - if you join a list - you may get a X, Y, Z are absolutely no part of this board, or any board on the site. I don't want them here please report them if you spot them.

4. Where did you spot the competition? If you spot a competition it'd be helpful for everyone to know where you got it from. It helps them know how legitimate it is for them to enter.

5. Report your winnings. If you win, we want to know. It's fun - so please use the I WON I WON board to report your winnings.

6. Include the closing date in the title. Please include the closing date of the competition in the title of the thread you are starting. This way once it is closed it can be moved to the 'Game over' board

7. No Vote For Me Competitions. Please do not post vote for me competitions, they are not allowed on this forum.

8. No Bumping Of Posts. Please do not just bump posts for the sake of it. This disrupts the boards.

9. No Advertising Of Own Websites. This site is free from advertising. Posts on any board considered to be advertising goods, services and/or companies will be removed. This includes the posting of a competition from your own site or from a site that you are employed by. We also do not allow advertising via PM. Examples of this can include anything from a specific sales post or a link to your own website in which you attempt to sell something to someone offering their holiday home to forum members. Unfortunately we cannot allow any advertising of any description no matter how honourable the intention.

And as always please be nice to other MoneySavers.....

Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert.
Please note, answers don't constitute financial advice, it is based on generalised journalistic research. Always ensure any decision is made with regards to your own individual circumstance.
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