Stoozing vs 0% on purchases

The traditional method for stoozing is to find a credit card that transfers balance to current account allowing you to move this capital so it earns or saves you money. But with balance transfer fees taking a slice of any future profit is this the best option?

Some 0% on purchases are as long as 20 month now. If you spend a reasonable amount per month and only pay the minimum you could put aside £5000+ by the time your promotion ends and without fees.

It also pays to find out what the minimum payments are, I know lloyds charge just 1% of the balance.

Its always fun looking at different ways to get free cash.


  • Yes, this is referrred to as slow stoozing as it takes a lot longer. There is a stoozing calculator to show if the fee for a BT eats into any profit on the stoozing dot com website.

    once you have build up a long purchase balance, you can always move it onto a 0% bt card then start building it up again with another purchase card! I have been using a santander 123 credit card with 18 moths for purchases, and earning about £10 a month in cash back in the bargain!

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