160 Yorkshire tea bags £1.25.

Hi, Iceland currently have a sale on quite a few things, they are mainly half price and I believe they are stopping stocking the items. Anyway they had heaps of the above tea bags for only £1.25 for a box of 160. Hope it helps someone.


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    They are selling them at full price in my local.

    On Friday when I was in they were selling lots of tins of Princes Stewed Steak for £1.25. Also a few other things at at least half price which I don't buy so I can't remember what they were now.

    They didn't have any of the items left at 9.00am this morning when I was in.

    They have also removed all but two of the shelves above the freezers, leaving just the two at the sides so you can now see all the shop floor.

    I guessed it was to deter shoplifters but it must also mean they have less room to stock things.
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    Yorkshire Tea at usual price in the one I went into in Essex today sadly. I'd be surprised if Iceland stopped stocking it, tea is a good seller for them.
  • There was plenty in Aberdeen (beach store) and Inverurie amongst other items. I was told by staff in both stores there's nothing wrong with the items there just being discontinued. Sorry if there wasn't any in your stores.

    There was imperial leather shower gel 50p,Washing powder 50p and various frozen items and other goods on shelves throughout the store. I think it's worth a look if near a Iceland.
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