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Anyone else been infuriated by Tesco's new online password "strategy"

Last week in a rush to do the shopping logged onto Tesco site only to be forced (no prior warning, no "14 days to change password" etc) to change password.

Bad enough, but we as a family already have system to generate secure passwords - guess what, although the password was v secure according to their website, because it did not conform to their rules f what password must contain, it was rejected.

Only option is to now write their password on the kitchen noticeboard..........somewhat defeats object.

Only got inane responses from Tesco - computer says no it would seem.

Checked with one of their competitors - no such problem.

Tesco wondering how to improve their performance - this hasn't helped with one customer!

Sting in tail is that password got wiped off board - seems I may be destined to hit "forgot password" every time I think I want to use Tesco online!


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    Search on here for "stolen clubcard vouchers"

    I'd rather have them improve their system security than have £100's worth of vouchers stolen from a hacked account
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  • i had the same issue, was going to pre order a xbox one game and buy a xbox one..after changing password, it didnt work hit forgot password and still no joy so unfortunatly they have now lost the sale i will collect my nectar points instead of clubcard
    goal for 2014....i will manage money better ..must resist shopping..............:A
  • Husband has same issues. On the other hand, when someone tried to steal my identity and buy mobile phone account in my name at Tescos, they picked it up at once.
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