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Hello All,

I came here today with the intention of updating my diary and then realised that it might be better to start a new thread and share a brief overview of how life has changed in this last year and all for the better financially. If you are struggling right now, take heart because things most certainly can change for the positive. It is amazing the difference a year makes.

On this day last year, I started my diary to help spur me on to kicking my debts once and for all. One year ago I owed over $21k. It wasn't the highest level of debt I've ever had, but it was kicking my bum and I really needed to find a way to stay on track and beat it once and for all. I figured a diary was a good way to go.

Along the way I made a few good friends who were there to cheer, to push, to support me. This website was instrumental in turning my financial health around. I joined challenges, I started challenges! I took strength from others when I needed it and I tried to support others when it all seemed too much for them. I valued every penny (literally!) that crossed my palm. It wasn't easy. We went without a lot and put food on the table with coupons a lot of the time, but we did it. We sold everything we had of value, regardless of emotional connection.

Today, we are debt free, we own 2 cars and 1 house with no mortgage/loans, and we have over $4k in savings (not to mention several thousand in other retirement pots). We put money away every month and are finally enjoying life.

No matter how bleak your situation might be today, please know that it will not remain the same. One thing for certain is change and if you continually push that change in a positive direction, life will be on the up soon. Just try to make each tomorrow better - push it forwards, no matter how small the step.

Lots of love and luck to all you lovely DFWs - it will get better if you keep pushing it that way.
Credit Card Freedom gained 14 Feb 2014!!
Total Debt Freedom gained 29 Apr 2014!!
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  • What a lovely,lovely post. Thank you so much for sharing, well done and an inspiration.

    C x
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    What a lovely inspiring post
    I will escape the big bog that is my debt!
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    learning to think like a frugal person with a little help from my mse friends
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    Thank u for sharing with us ... It proves there is life after debt x
  • ShelbiShelbi Forumite
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    Thank you for the beautiful post Hok3y, really made me smile, so inspirational, I wish you all the best for the future lovely!! xX
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    Really great to know how you are doing :D

    Brilliant news and very inspiring XXXXXXX
    Nevertheless she persisted.
  • Wow! Well done. :beer: What's with the savings goal in your siggy?
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  • HOK3YHOK3Y Forumite
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    Thank you - I hope a little positivity will go a long way. It's a tough road to travel and one you learn you don't want to ever travel again!

    elegant elephant: There's a bit of a story with that. Back in September, I decided that in 10 years time I would have more in assets/savings than my employer had in their main account that day.....and they had £538k so hence my goal of £538,001! I haven't updated my figures in ages as they are looking healthier than that currently. It gives me a BIG goal to aim for. It is always good to focus on something in the future. That way, you generally move in the right direction!
    Credit Card Freedom gained 14 Feb 2014!!
    Total Debt Freedom gained 29 Apr 2014!!
    Savings goal 30/9/23: £72,000/£538,001.....yes I'm serious!
    Total Debt August 2013: [STRIKE]$21,587[/STRIKE] April 2014: $0!!!!:j
  • What an inspiring post and an amazing achievement in a year!
    There's hope on the horizon :)

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    Hi NoOneAround! :wave: Yes there definitely is hope - no matter how miserable the present situation may feel. The future can be very different if you have the gumption to push it where you want it! :)
    Credit Card Freedom gained 14 Feb 2014!!
    Total Debt Freedom gained 29 Apr 2014!!
    Savings goal 30/9/23: £72,000/£538,001.....yes I'm serious!
    Total Debt August 2013: [STRIKE]$21,587[/STRIKE] April 2014: $0!!!!:j
  • new diary for Hoks! whoop! lovely to hear everything is going well!

    How is the plan for the move to america? Or have you moved already? Have I missed that?

    Big hugs
    C-R xxx
    Debts @ LBM (May 2013): £25,250.27 | Debt Free: May 2015 :j:j
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