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I have been with Npower for about 15 years and have recently in the last 3 years started having issues. Every February for the past 3 years they stop taking direct debit payments from my account.

This also falls in line with when they send me a bill. I always give them meter readings online, over the phone and letting the guy in.

Last year is escalated the matter with the executive office and was sorted and I had a £50 good will credit and agreed to pay £164.00 per month for Dual fuel and an extra £30 per month for 12 months for the areas on my account with them failing to take the DD.

The exact same thing has happened again this year and I have not paid a bill since March by DD.:mad:
I called up and asked why they failed to take a payment and why did they send an estimate bill. Again gave meter readings and I was £820.00 in credit!!!!!

I asked how could I be in credit over the winter months? No idea was the reply but lets sort this out.
The agent changed both my tariffs and we agreed on £174 per month for both fuels. All seemed great you would think. They then took a payment of £215.00

I calls up and complains and they canceled the DD and arranged to fix it. Following month still no payment taken, then again the next month.
I call up and ask why? oh no idea lets fix it again..... grrrr:eek:
I asked to make a payment but told No wait tilll we fix it.

We are now into August and guess what still nothing taken by DD.

I called citizens advice and they passed me through to the exec office.

She took all of the above and today called me back after investigating and advised that Back bill was not valid as they had used my readings and have since sent bills. They have said that the payments I have made have only just covered my usage for the last year? even though my online account has me 13% lower in usage than the previous year.

They are now wanting to put my payments up to £228.00 per month:mad:
and I owe them £1000.00 as I have not paid they bills. Eben though there agents refused to take payments and my online account was locked out so was unable to make them online... She did offer a credit of £200.00 for the inconvenience and will escalate this to the next level but I have to go back with what I want when she calls tomorrow.

Can anyone please advise what I can do to get them to take ownership and write this off?

Many thanks in advance.


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    pics of the billing if it helps anyone? notice all of the bill reversals
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    There are apps that calculate your bill based on Tariff and meter readings.... iMeter is one that I used. It's well worth it.

    I'm leaving NPOWER now which I am well prepared for yet more mistakes and errors from them. I am expecting 6-12 mths from now to finally cut all ties with them. If I don't get what I am due back I'll push it all the way...

    There is a business opportunity here... No win no fee merchants swam this way! I'm sure there must be a market.... I'd much prefer to hand the mess over to professionals, let them have a cut of the compensation.

    Either way... I'm like a dog with a bone and won't let go....
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