Tank Simulator for Windows 7

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Hi all.
I am looking for a tank simulator game,from WW2 to the present day.

My laptop is running Windows 7.
Can anybody recommend a good/great tank simulator to me please?


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    None immediately spring to mind... are you thinking along the lines of:

    -an RTS type 'large scale tank battles' type game (or maybe turn based)
    -a simplified *point and click* or FPS type game where you control a single tank
    -something where you get into very geeky levels of controlling a tank ie adjusting barrel elevations and pushing/pulling levers?
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    Scotty1.7Scotty1.7 Forumite
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    World of Tanks is one option - Its not totally historically right, and its doesn't have the complicated controls - think more like a FPS keyboard and mouse style game. Its about a 8GB download I think ish

    To play this well - as with most MMO I think - you need a strong CPU and good graphics, its more driven by CPU performance then overall spec - but it can play relatively well on a reasonable machine

    War Thunder:Ground Forces is another option, again none of the difficult controls but has 3 difficulty as such settings. Same download size as well

    For WT:GF it is a little better optimized for multi core platforms so is a little less demanding but it can work quite well

    Both have quite a large player base.

    Look on Youtube for The Mighty Jingles, he has some good video insight into both these games

    Both work of the Free to Play MMO base, though you can if you choose buy tanks, or prem time etc - itsa not a must though.

    Both also have varied tech trees, and you can work your way up these, upgrading current tanks, researching new tanks etc

    I play both of the above and this is my previous and current pc

    E5500 2.8ghz cpu
    4gb ram
    GTX 660 graphics Card
    Win 7
    (The motherboard and cpu really held this card back and as such WoT was around 20-30 FPS on min settings)

    I5- 4690K 3.5 GHz stock(Clocked to 4.2 GHZ currnetly)
    Nepton 140 xl water cooling for cpu
    16GB Corsiar quad channel ram
    250GB SSD
    GTX 660
    (Currently maxed graphics with a few annoying options off, sits in WoT @60-70FPS easily)

    War thunder as I said is a little better optimised but as a guide with the above

    Old - Min graphics 50-120FPS
    New - Max Graphics 90 - 150 FPS

    There is a new one in development as well - Armoured Warefare. Its more modern tanks with the same idea as above it looks like

    These are the three that spring to my mind stright away - not sure of any other's that a just Tank games, some games do incorporate 'Tank' driving as such as part of a bigger game I think?
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    JasXJasX Forumite
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    I've used HYSYS in the past as a very decent tank simulator

    You can model filling a water tank with water, etc etc right to the top and emptying it again, even an old/historic/WW2 leaking one -exciting stuff :)


    (yes I'm a boring Engineer ;p )
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