Egg/dairy free birthday cake....where to buy??...NW London

I live in NW London(Harrow) and looking to buy an egg/dairy free birthday cake ,vanilla sponge with icing.Does anyone know where i can buy one at a reasonable price?Have been quoted 10" for £45 and thats for a simple design!!!Need the cake within the next 2 weeks.Thankyou


  • Live in Wales so can't help with where to buy but that price is actually really cheap for the size cake and being dairy free. The baker will be on abut £3 a hour to put that together at that price!
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    OP, remember that egg & dairy free ingredients will be more costly than regular ones, and I agree, £45 for a 10" decorated is a good price.
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    Ok.....but i did purchase the same cake last year for 35!Just surprise its gone up £10!
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    I have noticed the price of ordinary ingredients & fondant going up, along with the cost of fuel over the last 12 months. £35 last year was a VERY good price!
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    Have you tried Ms Cupcake in Brixton or the Blue Lotus bakery online - we have had several delivered by post and have been happy with the quality and cost.

    If you do a search for vegan cakes then more may come up

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    try the vegan food groups on fb and things, you may be able to get one made for you. :)
  • Sorry I came to this thread so late. The Pantry does eggless cakes, there is one in Wembley and one in Kingsbury. I don't often buy their cakes, but I do for celebrations. Bought a huge cake for a significant birthday a couple of years ago, to feed over 100. Cost £80 or so IIRC.

    It was served with several desserts when everyone was stuffed senseless and it disappeared fast. Thank goodness we had the sense to stash a good chunk of it to enjoy with tea the next evening. :D

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