The Great Hunt: How to bake cheaply

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    The reason it went in the bin was the eggy taste, yuk! :(

    I think the eggy taste wouldn't be to do with the cake mix, it would be either to do with the eggs, mixing or cooking. Apparently eggs taste more eggy if they are older, and if they are cooked for longer and some eggs (maybe to do with the hens or diet) are just "eggier". You might also get more egginess if they eggs are not mixed in fully, but in a cake mix this is probably not the issue as you'd certainly be able to see bits of scrambled egg if they were in your cake!

    Apparently some people are just really sensitive to the taste of eggs too, so that might be it. Even with cakes quite rich with eggs, I have detected that they are "eggy", i.e. contain eggs, but that doesn't make me think "yuk" at all! That would be just a personal preference thing I guess, and people sensitive to the taste would generally like cakes with a lower ratio of eggs.
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    I'm also a fan of stork over butter, very good in my opinion.

    For free recipes use BBC recipe finder online - has hundreds of bakes including many by Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry. Or for cheap recipe books look in the charity shops - my sister found an old Mary Berry cake book in top condition for £1, the recipes are great and may even be the same as in the newer editions.

    For cheap vanilla and spices locally try an independent health food store if you are lucky enough to have one. Ours sells by weight: 4 vanilla pods for £3.35 - much cheaper than I could find in the supermarket (especially had I only wanted 1), spices from 30p per 25g again much cheaper than supermarket (I should add its a small town so we dont have the full range of supermarkets).
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    After thought to above - I'm pretty sure the health food store I use only sells organic, fair trade and free range so greater savings may be available at specialist stores that arent so lofty on the moral high-ground.
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    If anyone has access to catering/business/membership stores-ie: Booker Cash&Carry,Costco,JJFoodService or large Asian grocery shops. They are all well worth a look, I bought a huge bottle vanilla essence for under £2-fine for baking. They have things like baking powder-really big pots again for a few pound and will last a good few years.
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    Haven't cooked this often, but it hasn't failed me. Here are the cheat's tips. You can make from first principles if you have the time. The secret is to have the ice cream really cold and to insulate it well with the sponge and the meringue. I don't have a blow torch, so used a really hot oven.

    I used a bought sponge flan case, drizzled with fruit juice and added fruit. On top went a 'cake' of ice cream (packed into a cling-film lined cake tin of the right size to fit inside the sponge and firmed up in the freezer - for a good couple of hours or overnight - obviously remove the tin and the cling film). Put the ice cream topped sponge on a non-conductive base (like pyrex). Cover thickly from top to bottom with a good layer of meringue, making sure there are no thin spots or gaps. Put in a very hot oven (Gas 8) for no more than 1-2 minutes until the meringue is tinged with colour. Serve straight away.

    One thing I learned about home made ice cream is that too much of two ingredients can inhibit freezing - sugar and alcohol, so don't be tempted to add extra of either. See Robin & Caroline Weir's book for the low down and fab recipes.
    Ice Creams, Sorbets and Gelati: The Definitive Guide
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    Went to Aldi today and was disappointed not to find neither ground nor flaked almonds. I don't wish to DIY, cheapest places?

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  • Try Lidl their prices are also good for ground and flaked almonds,
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