Problem with bridesmaids' dresses ordered online from Madame Bridal in Miami

In April my daughter ordered 6 bridesmaids' dresses from a company called Madame Bridal in Miami, Florida and gave clear instructions for the dresses to be sent to an address in New York (they were going to be brought over to the UK for her). They were supposed to have been despatched in late June.

The wedding is on 24 August and to date only 2 have arrived and despite numerous phone calls and emails the company has not apologised and as far as I can tell are doing absolutely nothing to resolve the situation. She is trying to source dresses here and wants a refund from Madame Bridal to fund them.

Does anyone have experience of dealing with US companies online, how to get them to take any action and what recourse there is in terms of consumer rights etc.

As you can imagine, she is frantic with last minute arrangements, without having this nightmare of a situation as well.


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    Firstly the contract in this case will be under the law of Florida, and any attempt to enforce the contract would therefore have to be done in Florida.

    How were the dresses paid for? If by credit card then get onto the credit card company and tell them that this company are withholding the goods and refusing a refund and ask them to deal with it.

    Email the company and tell them that, as they have failed to honour their obligations in respect of the missing dresses, the agreement between you is now void, you'll be purchasing the dresses elsewhere and the matter has been placed in the hands of your credit card company. She is going to have to find the money to buy the dresses from elsewhere as I doubt you'll get a refund quickly and you really haven't got time to lose.

    Finally, and most importantly, get looking for the dresses or some of those bridesmaids will be walking down the aisle naked.
  • Thanks Ruby_Roo.

    Unfortunately, I believe she bought the dresses by debit, not credit card. She is of course already looking for alternatives, but needs the money back to pay for them. I just don't know what else to try to help her get the money back.
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    I believe she can still do a chargeback on a Visa debit card. Check on the main site - there may be info there.

    Otherwise search on the forums.
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  • Thanks whitewing.

    She's trying the chargeback option. Fingers crossed!
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