Need Christmas / Halloween items to take abroad

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I hope you can help me! I'm moving to South Korea soon to teach English and I thought it would be great to take a few things to base classes around. I expect to be teaching youngish children. Where would I buy, at this time of year

1/ Christmas items - nothing to heavy as it will have to be packed. I would love to take a small tree / decs / items to explain the meaning and origin of Christmas

2/ Similar for Halloween

[STRIKE]3/ a world map

4/ classroom stamps to give credit [/STRIKE] ebay

Any other ideas of good things to take would be much appreciated.



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    Good luck for your new life.

    I've seen Christmas and Halloween things in my local cheapie shop and in charity shops.

    Or try those Christmas all year round shops - there's some on Facebook.

    Other ideas -

    Christmas and Halloween colouring pages, Christmas cards
  • Oddly I was just thinking about this same kind of idea this morning as my sister is going travelling in October and will be away for Christmas (which is a big deal in our family!)

    I was thinking I would put together a small, lightweight 'instant christmas' pack for her to open and use whilst away... I'm thinking those foil expanding ceiling decorations, a packet of instant snow, a couple of scent bags (cinnamon, cloves & oranges perhaps), and maybe a mini paper 3D tree...

    Any other ideas much appreciated! Still not sure if she'll love it or loathe having to carry a package around with her for 3 months!
  • I would suggest taking something that doesn’t occupy much space in your bag and is very lightweight. For your little young kids, you can carry small goodie packs of candies and chocolates and handcrafted bracelets for girls.

    If you have someone very special like a relative or good friend, take along semi-precious chunks of jewelry. Delicate chain pendants and smart stud earrings made of semi-precious stones are not that costly and easy to carry as well.

    For Christmas, you can take small decorative wall pieces including dainty handicraft tree, cute packs of fancy candles, and some cookies prepared by you (if possible, as homemade things are always cherished more especially on such festive occasions).
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