what to hire some local caterers for our daughters birthday about 105 guests.

Have been quoted £1200 for 11 courses including starters, mains and deserts does that seem rather expensive especially to feed 105 people which is not approx there will also be plenty of kids as well and they don't eat much.


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    11 courses? Do you mean 11 different dishes?

    Does the 105 not include kids? Youd be surprised how much kids eat. Most i know eat at least half an adult portion. If aged over 10 then similar quantities to adults.

    What type if food is it. As £11/hd it sounds cheap, unless basic cold buffet
  • Is this for a buffet for an evening party? If it is then I never cater for the exact amoutn of guests that are coming. I usually cater for approx 70-75% as not all people will eat buffet and some will have already eaten their evening meal and will just eat the buffet as a snack.

    Have you approached other caterers in your area for a comparative quote?

    I think it also depends what the itmes included are, i.e. sandwich verus chicken skewer - the chicken skewers will be more expensive.
  • £11 per head is a cheap buffet from external caterers for an 11 dish/course menu.

    IF you want it cheaper, cook it yourself and see how much you spend in food, utilities and stress.
  • I agree that that seems very reasonable...£11 a head. I suppose it really depends on what kind of food they are providing.
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    Above post reported
    January 2020 Grocery challenge £119.45/£200 :)
    February 2020 Grocery challenge £195.22 /£200
    March 2020 - gone to pot...
    April 2020 - £339.45/£200
    May 2020 - £194.99/£300
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