Sainsburys Basics Fish Pie Mix - any good

I have a large bag of spuds to use, plus a glut of parsley so thought I'd have a go at a fish pie.

I saw Sainsburys have a frozen fish pie mix from their Basics range, was just wondering whether anyone has tried it and if it's any good?

I'm quite happy it has less salmon than their fresh mix as OH doesn't really like salmon, nor does he like prawns so I'm quite happy they aren't in there either :)
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    I don't know about fish pie but I may well get some of that to make fishcakes. At £2.05 I don't think you can go wrong.
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    I haven't tried this, nor have I even noticed it but I shall certainly be on the lookout for it now. It seems like a good buy but I shall have a read of the contents first.

    The tastiest fish pie mix I've had was from the deli counter in Sainsbury's but I only bought that as it was reduced to half price!
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  • Bought my first packet of this last month and I can honestly say I had no complaints at all. I used half a packet to make a fish pie then the other half I mixed with creme fraiche, some cheese, herbs and wrapped it in puff pastry. Was really delicious.
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