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anyone else end date comping tonight..

milagromilagro Forumite
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...for tomorrow and regretting not being more organised!


  • hamsterfan1hamsterfan1 Forumite
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    I finished tomorrow's about mid-morning but I only end date to mop up any comps I#'ve missed out
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  • nelienelie Forumite
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    I always try and do about 20/30 a day throughout the month :) So I am up to date. I used to comp by end date and I couldn't keep up - so I switched and went to last posted!

    Hope you get the ones down you want to! x
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  • lucinadlucinad Forumite
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    i am also end date comping, i have been at it on and off all day, just had a break for a few hours and actually groaned when i came back to the laptop and rememebered i hadnt finished yet :( i really should be more organised for the end of the month..... yet again i will be the same at the end of next month tho as i am at the end of every month and never get more organised :)
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  • ZanzibZanzib Forumite
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    I try and do a couple of pages at a time throughout the month.

    Think I have five pages left to go through...
  • pinktilgatepinktilgate Forumite
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    I'm an end dater and haven't even started tomorrow's yet!!! Aghhh!

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  • i wish i could end date comp but i've never seen any guides or information on how to do it.
  • spearce80spearce80 Forumite
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    I hope everyone is,so that theres is less people posting new comps!!! ;);) maybe then i will have a chance to catch up,lol!



    thanks to all posters for comps and answers!!! :beer: good luck to all
  • gentleorangegentleorange Forumite
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    I'm literally about to start. I hate end date comping at this time of night. I know I'll get stressed as it approaches midnight knowing that some are bound to expire. I cherry picked some 31/07 comps about a week ago but only 15-20. I think I'm just going to skim it this time. It's too hot...
  • gholmes724gholmes724 Forumite
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    You don't have to do them all, I've always suspected this method of entry means a lot of time is wasted entering competitions which you wouldn't even bother with if they were presented in a different format.
  • milagromilagro Forumite
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    I always cherry pick my comps - I probably only enter 20% of what's on the board but I'm a slow comper!

    I did clear the board once upon a time and then promised myself I would keep up each day but with work and family life that never happened!
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