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Hello there, :j

I was hoping some of you lovely people could give me some advice/ steer me in the right direction..:D

Basically, I was working PT as a teacher and to fill the rest of my time the school directed me to a supply agency that they used. I now had 2 jobs, so two different tax codes, which was correct.

My school decided they wanted to change my hours to FT, which was great, so I handed in my notice to the supply agency and asked them to take me off their books. I received a confirmation email from them to say, I had indeed been taken off their books and would no longer be contacted by them... a year later, I was still receiving texts asking for me to do bookings! So again, I asked them politely to remove me from their system, and again I was assured I was.

I later received my PAYE tax code letter notifying me of my tax codes...codeS??:mad: I then realised I hadn't been sent a P45 from the supply agency (to my stupidity for not realising!):o So contacted them, and after a bit of polite wrangling, they agreed to send me a digital version.

My question (apologies for the waffle!) is, how to I go about changing my tax code from one for 2 jobs, to one for a single job? I have been on the HMRC website and filled out a 'incorrect tax code' form, but it didn't seem enough, maybe I was thinking I'd need somewhere to attach my P45 as evidence (now I finally have it!)

Any help/advice is very welcome. :cheesy:

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