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Hi there.

We are doing a car boot sale tomorrow, and I have been looking at the Ebay, Auctions, Car Boot and Jumble Sales board hoping to pick up hints.

It seems to me that the board could do with being split up. Ebay issues dominate the board completely and it is quite time consuming trying to find info about the other aspects presently covererd - even "sub-boards" under a generic heading maybe?

I know that you can use the search function, but you could equally say that for any other subject yet many of them have their own distinct boards.

Cheers for now.



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    There is a sticky thread about car boots here


    As for a sub board, we get very little traffic relating to car boots and I think a sub board would be very slow indeed. The only reason there are so few posts in the main board is that it is not a subject that crops up a lot not that it is discouraged.

    Obviously though it is ultimately up to the team what boards and sub boards they want.
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    Plus the search function still sucks bricks ;)

    However, I've found that selecting "Search Posts" rather than "Search Threads" seems to work better, up to a point.

    (I've said something positive - they must have sneaked my meds in my sandwich :eek: )
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